Check out this huge list of pencil drawing ideas for kids! Over 40 creative pencil drawings that will inspire any kid!

Why just pencil drawing ideas….

This past year has been one of unexpected changes and restrictions for everyone. You may be teaching art from a distance, or on a cart, or with limited supplies. Maybe your kids are home everyday and you want to find fun ways to eep them learning and making!

No matter how circumstances have changed you know what you and your kids probably always have? A PENCIL!

These pencils drawing ideas range from easy drawing prompts to full fledged step by step pencil drawing lessons. All you need to get started is pencil and paper!

Tessellations, Celtic knots, and lettering are all complete pencil drawing ideas for kids. Complete drawing lessons include printable guides and downloadable video lessons.

Let’ draw with pencil…

My “Let’s” series are step by step pencil art lessons that include printable lesson packs, printable templates and step by step video lessons. These video lessons are downloadable. That means you can save them to your device and share them with your students via the platform of your school’s choice.

There are three complete units, each devoted to a different pencil skill.

Let’s Tessellate….

Learn about what tessellations are, where they can be found and how to make your own tessellation. This unit also contains an interactive Google Slides activity!

Let’s Draw Celtic knots…

Learn the history of Celtic knots then I’ll teach you how to draw three different styles of Celtic knots! I made printable drawing guides and hand drawn tutorials (plus teaching videos) so your kids can dive right into the fun part of these pencil drawing lessons!

Let’s Letter…

Grab your pencil and draw along with me as I teach your students how to draw a bubble letter alphabet and a block letter alphabet.

You’ll get lots of printable reference guides and the downloadable video lessons!

Learn the pencil skills needed to make a simple shape appear to be a three dimensional form.

Learn how to use a pencil to create form…

Let me walk your students through this FREE mini course where they’ll learn the difference between a shape and a form. Then I’ll teach them the pencil skills they need to add the value and shading that will turn a simple shape into a form.

Learn about the element of art with these printable pages- all you need is a pencil!

Pencil drawing ideas that teach about the elements of art…

I love teaching kids about the element of art. They’re such great building blocks for learning concepts and vocabulary that will help them in all their future art making and appreciating!

All of these elements of art resources are free for you to use in your home or classroom. They present solid information and make for a super simple pencil drawing lesson!

You can find links to all of the one page elements of art printables and the line book below.

Learn about one point perspective and symmetry- all you need is a pencil!

Art concept printables that your kids can do with pencil…

Let me introduce your kids to the concept of one point perspective with these free printables.

Explore symmetry with pencil art…

This post has a great printable that will explain the basics of symmetry to your elementary aged student. Then there’s space for them to create their own symmetrical shapes.

If your kiddos know the basics of symmetry move on to this set of printables. We will explore lateral and radial symmetry and students can create their own complex designs.

One point perspective is a great pencil art lesson.

Perspective drawing in pencil…

One point perspective is an easy way to add realism and depth to a drawing. It’s also the simplest form of perspective.

Let me teach your kids how to draw in one point perspective through a series of printable tutorials and video pencil art lessons.

Contour drawing is an easy pencil drawing lesson for kids.

Let’s draw pencil portraits…

I know the pic above is in marker but this contour drawing lesson adapts perfectly to a pencil drawing idea. Explore what a contour drawing is and experiment with a series of short contour drawings to loosen up before starting a series of contour portraits- all with just a pencil.

Grid drawing is a great pencil art lesson for kids.

Grid drawing in pencil….

This is one of my more in depth pencil drawing ideas for kids. I’ll start by teaching your kids how to draw their own grid and then move on to how to translate an existing image of their choosing into an original pencil drawing.

This pencil drawing idea can be as simple or as complex as suited to your child’s stage. Choose a simple line drawing or a more in depth pencil drawing with values and shading!

Still life drawing is a great pencil art lesson for kids.

Still life pencil drawing lesson…

Still life drawings are a classic art subject. This pencil drawing lesson will teach your kids how to set up their own still life, use a DIY viewfinder, and complete their own still life drawing.

Step by step drawing guides are an easy pencil drawing idea for kids.

Step by step drawing guides….

I love these FREE step by step drawing guides and my readers seem to love them just as much. This kind of step by step drawing is a great confidence builder for kids.

These pencil drawing ideas for kids are a great way to show kids that even complex shapes are made up of simple lines and shapes!

Artist inspired sketchbook prompts make for an easy pencil drawing idea

Artist inspired prompts….

Fifteen free printable pages each feature a tiny piece of a well known artwork. The rest of the page is blank to allow room for your kids to imagine the rest of the page.

These pencil drawing ideas for kids are simple and these prompts are free!

Foreground, middleground and background printable is an easy pencil art projects for kids.

Draw foreground, middleground, and background….

This simple little printable page folds up as a way to visually illustrate the three different parts of a landscape.

This printable is easy to finish in pencil.

40+ pencil drawing ideas for kids

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