These sketchbook prompts each borrow a bit from a famous artwork.  The rest is up to the imagination of your young artist!

Famous artist inspired sketchbook prompts…

These ten prompts are ready for your students to complete a drawing inspired by an iconic art image. While the prompts print in color, how your students finish these prompts is completely up to them.  A simple pen and ink illustration would be a graphic way to add details.  Markers, paint, pencil- they all work!

The beauty of these printable sketchbook prompts is they can function in different ways depending on your needs!  Need an activity for the last ten minutes of art class while the last few kids finish up? Maybe you’re looking for a fun extension of an artist study? Or maybe you need art activities that students can do at home with very limited supplies?  These artist themed sketchbook prompts will be there!

Kahlo, Kusama, Cassatt, O'Keefe, and Munch artist inspired sketchbook prompts

Sketchbook prompts as an extension of an artist study….

It’s so important to get kids used to talking and writing about great art.  Kitchen Table Classroom has lots of resources to make that endeavor easy, fun, and meaningful.  You’ll find the artists represented in these sketchbook prompts are also a part of other artist study and display resources.

All of the resources linked below are free for you to use in your home or classroom.

Georgia O’Keefe book list and artist study

Frida Kahlo book list and free artist study

Yayoi Kusama book list and free artist study

Claude Monet book list and printable artist study

Edgar Degas book list and printable artist study

Henri Rousseau book list and printable artist study

Vincent Van Gogh book list and printable artist study

Mary Cassatt book list and printable artist study

Van Gogh, Rousseau, Hokusai, Vermeer, and Seurat artist inspired sketchbook prompts

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Ten free artist inspired sketchbook prompts- Cassatt, O'Keefe, Munch, Kahlo, Kusama, Hokusai, Van Gogh, Rousseau, Vermeer, and Seurat

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