Teaching my kids to successfully use writing as a form of self expression and communication is a top goal here at my house.  Use these 150+ free printable pages of writing prompts to make adding more writing to your kid’s days easy!

Not all writing has to be serious…

Let me start by saying I’ve homeschooled my own four kids for the past five years.  There are some things my kids have spent more or less time on than they might have had they been in public school. There are plenty of things that I think kids learn when they’re ready or as the need arises. Writing, to me, is important.  And it’s something that one can only get better by doing. A lot.

For beginner writers that means including lots of opportunities to write.  These opportunities don’t necessarily need to be full of academic requirements.  Just give your kids a reason to write! Lists, letters, brainstorming- any reason for your kids to put pencil to paper is a good one!

The time capsule…

I made this set of printable writing prompts as a way to commemorate the fact that we’re living through the historical event of the Corona Virus. Our kid’s lives have been turned upside down.  What a great time to use writing as a from of self expression and create a memoir that will be super interesting to look back on in coming years.

Side note- although I created this pack of printables with the pandemic in mind there is no mention of it within the pages.  These pages are easy to tailor to whatever is happening right now!

I want to see the time capsule printable writing prompts!

Printable writing prompts for kids- make your own time capsule printables

Do you teach a growth mindset…

Eight printable pages of growth mindset inspired prompts will ask your kiddo some big questions about what they can do today, what their strengths are, and what they dream of being able to! These pages are an excellent place to combine writing, doodling, and casual brainstorming!

I want the growth mindset prompts!

Printable writing prompts for kids- growth mindset sketchbook pages

More growth mindset…

These printable prompts get cut up and make a perfect little book that will help your kiddo explore the concept of a growth mindset!

I want the growth mindset book!

Printable writing prompts for kids- growth mindset book for kids

Writing about artists…

I’m always inspired by the lives of great artists and love to encourage my kiddos to research artists that inspire them.  This printable mini book allows your child to record what they learn about the artist of their choice.

I especially love that this writing prompt asks your child to record factual information as well as opinions and observations.

I want the artist biography book!

Printable writing prompts for kids- artist biography book

Express yourself….

Writing can be an amazing way for even the youngest kids to express big feelings.  This printable mini book prompts your kiddos to write and draw about things they might be feelings anxious, happy, or worried about. These writing prompts can be great conversation starters!

I want the printable self expression book!

Printable writing prompts for kids- printable self expression feelings book for kids

Comic book writing….

Not all writing opportunities need to be serious! These six comic book templates are a great jumping off point for writing your own comic book or graphic novel!  These templates are a great visual for teaching sequencing!

I want to see the comic book templates!

Printable writing prompts for kids- printable comic book templates

Bullet journal templates…

While these bullet journal templates do not provide specific writing prompts I included them here because I think they offer kids (and adults) a great structure to begin the practice of regularly writing about their life.  Bullet journals can be a fairly quick and to the point writing exercise- a great place to start!

I want to see the bullet journal templates!

Printable writing prompts for kids- printable bullet journal templates

Write about artist’s lives…

These four printable artist studies are all about responding to art work.  Help your kiddos hone their powers of observation and then learn to put what they see into written word.  Example art works are included so your kiddos can respond to whats in front of them.   No searching for you!

Each of these posts also comes with a book list so tit’s easy to round this writing activity out into a complete lesson!

Claude Monet artist study

Vincent Van Gogh artist study

Mary Cassatt artist study

Henri Rousseau artist study

Printable writing prompts for kids- artists studies for Cassatt, Van Gogh, Rousseau, and Monet

Write about the states…

Are your kiddos learning about the states?  This free printable book is a great way to get your kids to write and draw about their knowledge of each state.

Get the states book here!

Printable writing prompts for kids- printable book about the fifty states

Write about great women artists….

These three free printable artist studies are all about the lives of great women artists. Each of these posts comes with an accompanying book list which makes these a great intro to reading for facts and writing to convey information.

Georgia O’Keefe artist study

Yayoi Kusama artist study

Frida Kahlo artist study

Printable writing prompts for kids- artists studies about great women artists including O'Keefe, Kusama, and Kahlo

Write and draw…

These writing papers are available in both elementary lined and a smaller middle school lined versions.  Each set of ten contains a variety of structured papers with room for your young person to combine writing and drawing on the same page!

I want 20 pages of writing/ drawing paper!

Printable writing prompts- free printable write and draw paper with elementary and middle school lines

Write about friends…

Being a good friend and having good friends is huge part of the human experience.  This free printable book includes eight pages with room to write and draw about the qualities of a good friend.

I want the friendship book!

Printable writing prompts for kids- printable how to be a good friend book for kids

Write about gratitude…

These pages are meant to inspire your kiddo to write and draw about the things that make them grateful. Five free pages print in  black and white and are ready to go!

I want the gratitude writing prompts!

Printable writing prompts for kids- gratitude prompts for kids

Write to get to know someone…

These pages are a great way to get to know your kiddos a little better.  Each page prompts your student to write or draw about their preferences, their family, and what they look forward to each day.

I want the get to know you writing prompts!

Printable writing prompts for kids- get to know you worksheets for kids

More gratitude…

Because, who has too much gratitude?  These pages include both weekly and monthly reviews as well as three different half page designs for keeping a daily gratitude journal.  These pages are an easy way to establish both the practice of daily writing and gratitude- a win!

I want the gratitude journal printables!

Printable writing prompts for kids- gratitude journal pages for kids

How to get all of these free printable writing prompts for kids….

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Over 150+ pages of free printable writing prompts for kids!