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Art should be fun ~ for the teacher & the student!

I have over fifteen years of teaching experience in a myriad of settings.  Not only can I provide detailed lessons and resources but I can also share tips and tricks to make bringing out the best in your students easy.  

If you’re excited, they’ll be excited and art will soon the become part of your daily routine you look forward to the most!

Let me help with the planning so you can enjoy creating and learning alongside your student.

Art Experiences Outdoors provides 24 "big art ideas" inspired by and created in the great outdoors. this is the perfect season to think big, movie big, and keep making!


The Artists and the Elements e-book provides everything you need to teach visual arts for an entire year. Seven main projects tie together the seven elements of art, famous artists, and hands on projects. Countless tie ins, from printables to process art, allow you to dig as deep as you want!


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The Elements Illustrated is a huge bundle of printable digital resources designed to give you all the tools to make teaching the elements of art easy!

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The Principles Illustrated is a huge bundle of digital resources designed to make teaching the principle of design easy and fun!

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Just enter both the Elements Illustrated and the Principles Illustrated to your cart and enter the coupon code ARTDESIGN to get $10 off.  You get both bundles for only $19.98!  

(That’s 75% off the purchase of the second bundle!)


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