I’ve got all the resources you need to teach your students how to draw a tessellation. Video lessons, printable lesson packs and more make teaching tessellations easy!

What is a tessellation…

A tessellation is an arrangement of shapes closely fitted together in a repeated pattern without gaps and spaces.

Drawing tessellations are a great exercise for kids for a few reasons….

  • Tessellations connects math and art
  • Explore vocabulary like symmetry, angles, repetition, and rotation
  • Tessellations are found in art and nature. Kids can find them in their own environment.
  • The supply list for drawing tessellations is super simple. All you student needs is paper, pencil, and way to add color if they choose!

Video lessons teach how to draw a tessellation step by step…

I broke the tessellation drawing process down into a five part video lesson. Each lesson is prerecorded so you can access it anytime that works for you and your students!

The best feature of these instructional drawing videos is that they are downloadable. Save them to your device and share them with your students through the platform your district uses- like SeeSaw or Google Classroom.

Printable how to draw a tessellation lesson pack…

I’ve put together an eight page, step by step printable lesson pack for teaching tessellations to your kids.

Each step is illustrated with full color photos and/or original illustrations. This printable packet is perfect for when the internet is’t available or when you prefer to do the teaching yourself!

Introduce tessellations with this printable tessellation book…

This tessellation book prints in economical black and white for easy sharing with your students.

It discusses the definition of tessellations as well as where we might see tessellations and the different kinds of tessellations. The last two pages are interactive puzzles that allow your students space to use the tessellation related vocabulary they’ve just learned!

Google Slides tessellation presentation….

I’ve created a Google Slides presentation as an easy way to introduce tessellations to your students.

The same information as the black and white book above is presented here in full color. If your students are distance learning this Google Slides presentation is key!

Learn what a tessellation is, where we see tessellations, and different types of tessellations with this interactive Google Slides presentation.

Plus you’ll get three blank tessellation coloring pages….

These tessellation coloring pages are a fun way to explore what a tessellation is and how those shapes can be filled with different drawings!

Grab your markers or crayons and draw!

This how to draw a tessellation lesson and all of the teaching resources above are available for just $6!