Symmetry worksheets for kids

Explore the concept of symmetry with these line of symmetry worksheets.  Simple “half” drawing prompts will get you artists started!

What is symmetry…

Symmetry is the quality of being made up of exactly the same parts facing each other or around an axis. Symmetry can be seen everywhere- nature, graphic design, architecture, even people.  Once your kids understand what symmetry is they’ll be able to recognize it when looking at other’s artwork and use it as a tool in their own artwork.

By providing symmetrical images that are only half there your young artist is inspired to draw the remainder of the image.

For more symmetry in art ideas check out this post.  A more elementary symmetry worksheet plus a classic symmetry art project with a full video tutorial will round out your symmetry exploration.

line of symmetry worksheets for kids to complete with pencil or marker

Different kinds of symmetry….

Reflective symmetry– a line could be drawn down the middle of the shape and the shape on side of the line is “reflected” onto the other side. The reflected shape will be exactly the same as the original.

Radial symmetry- a condition in which similar parts are regularly arranged around a central axis.

There are other, more specific, kinds of symmetry such as rotational, bilateral, and diagonal symmetry. In my opinion understanding the basic concepts of reflective radial symmetry make the other concepts easy to understand.  Those terms can be added to your students vocabulary as needed.

explore the concept of radial symmetry with these line of symmetry worksheets

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