Eight fun ideas for spring season drawing are brought to you in these step by step drawing guides!

Do a drawing of the spring season….

I live in the Midwest. To say that spring is welcome here is an understatement. Spring is a new beginning that we all need after the gray shades of winter!

These spring drawing ideas are simple icons of the spring season broken down into step by step drawings that young artists of any age can follow along with!

How to draw a wheelbarrow, how to draw a bucket of flowers, and how to draw a bouquet are all included in these spring season drawing prompts

Here’s what your kids will draw in these guides…

  • a flower filled wheelbarrow
  • a bucket flowers
  • a rain boot with. bouquet
  • Easter eggs
  • a spring umbrella
  • a butterfly
  • a bird
  • a bunny
How to draw Easter eggs and how to draw an umbrella are included in this set of spring season drawing guides.

How to use these spring season drawing guides in your home or classroom…

These ideas for spring drawing are a great way to for early finishers to keep the creativity flowing. Leave a stack for kids to choose from whenever they’re done with seat work.

Use these spring drawing ideas as a way to build your student’s confidence in themselves. Following along with these very structured drawings will show your students how simple lines and shapes come together to create a more complex drawing!

Distance learning? These printable step by step spring drawing ideas can be shared with your students no matter where they are! These are an easy way to add a bit of creativity to your students day that requires no more than a pencil.

How to draw a butterfly, how to draw a bird, and how to draw a bunny are all included this set of spring season drawing guides.

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Eight printable spring season drawing guides are free for you to print and enjoy with your students!

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