Choose from eleven different printable one page drawing prompts for fun Christmas drawings for kids to try!

Christmas drawings for kids….

These eleven printable pages each include step by step drawing prompts for a single Christmas themed subject.

These are a great activity for a few odd minutes at the end of class or for your own kiddos while you’re getting dinner on the table.

These Christmas drawings for kids are easy. They’re adorable. Your kiddos are sure to be successful.

Simple drawing prompts like these are great way to illustrate how even more complex objects are made up of simple shapes. That success is sure way to inspire kids to want to keep making and drawing!

Here’s what you’ll learn to draw….

  • How to draw a snow globe
  • How to draw a gingerbread cookie
  • How to draw a Christmas present
  • How to draw Christmas lights
  • How to draw mittens
  • How to draw an elf
  • How to draw Santa Claus
  • How to draw Mrs. Claus
  • How to draw a reindeer
  • How to draw a Christmas gnome
  • How to draw a snowman

How to use these Christmas things to draw printables….

These printable Christmas drawing prompts show a finished drawing as well as step by step progression. The step that is new in each drawing is featured in black. The rest of the drawing fades to a lighter grey to make it easy to see what is new in each step.

Do your kids want to learn how to draw Christmas stuff….

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This collection of Christmas drawings for kids includes a collection of eleven Christmas things to draw.

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