Learn how to a draw Celtic knot the easy way! I’ll walk you and your students through every step of drawing three different types of Celtic knots.

What are Celtic knots…

A Celtic knot is a motif that is infinite. It has no beginning or end. Celtic knots were originally seen in sculpture, carving, and manuscripts of Ancient Celtic people.

Knots may have been such a common motif because the Celtic religion prohibited realistic depictions of living creatures. When Christians came to power in Ireland they adopted the knots to their own meanings and purposes.

The meaning and symbolism behind the knot designs is mostly speculation. The designs held different meaning for different groups of people.

Learn how to draw a Triquetra Celtic knot….

Learn how to draw the simplest of the three Celtic knots, the Triquetra. This shape of this Celtic knot is guided by a triangle.

This Celtic knot is perfect for beginners or young artists. Learning how to draw this Celtic knot is a great confidence booster.

Learn how to draw a triquetra Celtic knot with this easy drawing lesson.

Learn how to draw a basic Celtic knot…

Although I call this a “basic” Celtic knot it’s really quite an intricate little design. I’ll make it easy for your students to learn how to draw this Celtic knot by providing an original drawing guide, video lesson, and step by step illustrated tutorial.

Learn how to draw a basic Celtic knot with this step by step lesson.

Learn how to draw a Celtic knot with hearts….

This heart Celtic knot is the most complex of the three Celtic knots in this unit.

This knot involves the same kind of patterning as the simpler knots above. Once your kiddos have learned the basic Celtic knots they’ll be super excited to see how smoothly those same techniques and patterns transfer to this more complex pattern.

Learn how to draw a heart Celtic knot with this step by step video drawing lesson and printable drawing guide.

Learn how to draw a Celtic knot with video drawing lessons….

I made a series of video lesson just for you and your students as you learn to draw three different Celtic knots.

Seeing the steps in action and hearing my explanation will make it easy for your students to follow along and draw their own Celtic knots.

The best part of the video drawing lessons…..

Maybe the best part of these video drawing lessons is the terms of service. Your purchase allows you to download these teaching videos to your own device and share with your students via your school’s platform of choice. That means ready made drawing lessons that are safe, ad free, and require only a pencil! SCORE!

Celtic knot drawing grids….

I’ve created an original drawing grid for each of the three Celtic knots in this lesson.

Each grid sets up a structure for drawing the featured Celtic knot. They’re ready to print so your kiddos can start drawing right away!

Printable drawing guides make learning how to draw a Celtic knot easy!

Celtic knot drawing tutorials…

These hand drawn drawing tutorials give your kids a step by step instruction of how to draw each Celtic knot.

When video lessons aren’t an option or you’re looking for an alternative way to provide instruction- these drawing tutorials are just what you need! You can share these with your students too- either in print or digitally!

Printable step by step illustrations make learning hw to draw a Celtic knot a snap!

Let me help you teach your students to draw….

All of these resources are available to you AND my terms of service allows you to share them with your own students, even the video lessons!

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Learn how to draw Celtic knot the easy way- with video drawing lessons and printable step b step illustrations.

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