Try these six easy to draw things for fall with a free printable for each one!

Let’s draw fall things….

I love fall. It’s just the best sensory experience- amazing food, scenery, smells. Fall seems to have the best of all the things.

These fun one page drawing tutorials each feature one easy to draw fall themed item. Choose from learning how to draw calico corn, a piece of pie, a pretty pumpkin, a cooked turkey, a steamy mug, and a cheery sunflower.

learn to draw calico corn, learn to draw a piece o pie and learn to draw a turkey easy drawing tutorials

Draw fall step by step….

These fall drawing tutorials are simple. On the right side of the page your student will see six blocks, with one step per block. Look for the dark black lines for the new step. Previous steps will be in gray to make it easy to tell which steps are new!

While these drawings are super simple I love the that exercises like this encourage kids to see more complex images as a collection of more basic shapes. While these drawings are more scripted I think that power of observation lasts long into other, more experienced based drawings.

learn to draw a sunflower, learn to draw a pumpkin, and learn to draw a mug easy drawing tutorials

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easy things to draw for fall, printable drawing tutorials

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