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November 9, 2017

Paint with Markers- Pine Tree Step by Step Tutorial

I’m all for free form, creative process art. In fact most of my lessons are very open ended.   But I also believe it’s good for kids to learn some basic tools or skills that they can then use in their own art in their own way.  This pine tree tutorial includes a few simple directed drawing steps plus the fun addition of color using the super simple (and not messy) paint with markers technique.

June 15, 2017

Oil Pastels A New Way to Paint

If you’ve got a short list of art supplies oil to keep available for your kiddos oil pastels should make the cut.  They’re cheap, crazy vibrant, and can be used in dozens of ways!  This technique, however, is a new one on my radar.

January 4, 2017

Comic Book Templates in Homeschool Writing

Writing comes fairly easily to me as an adult.  But trying to teach writing in our homeschool is a different story.  Writing is such a personal endeavor.  Whether you’re an adult or a child it takes lots of courage to put yourself out there with written words on a page.   We’ve been through two writing programs and may not have found the perfect fit even yet.

No matter what writing program we are working through one thing is for sure.  We write a lot.  We do free writes, write letters and lists, write about books, and keep journals.  Basically any excuse for my kids to take pen to paper and I’m there.  My kids knowing how to write, and write well, is one of my top priorities as a home school mama.

October 7, 2016

Line Exploration with Oil Pastel and Watercolor


This little project was all about line exploration with oil pastel and watercolor.  It is easy, fun, and allows for a lot of individual interpretation and therefore a wide variety of finished products.  When every child ends up with a piece of art uniquely theirs you know you have a winner!

September 27, 2016

Glue Drawing with Chalk

Almost all kids are familiar with the process of putting a pencil to paper and drawing.  But drawing over those pencil lines with glue, or maybe even skipping the pencil altogether, can get really exciting!  Glue drawing adds a third dimension to drawing with a pencil.