Let this list of children’s book bring the Chinese New Year to life through stories and colorful illustrations.  Then use the free printable information sheet and dragon coloring page to keep the learning going!

Chinese New Year books for kids

 Books to celebrate the Chinese New Year…

The Chinese New Year is such a rich and colorful celebration. These children’s books are an easy way for your kiddos to gain an understanding of the significance of this holiday. Learn about the Chinese calendar, special food traditions, celebrations with family and friends, and of course the beautiful imagery involved in the two week long celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Each book offers it’s own small insight into the holiday.  Whether you choose just one book to read or the whole collection I know you’ll appreciate the beauty of this holiday!

Books about the Chinese New Year for kids….

Chinese New Year Wishes: Chinese Spring and Lantern Festival Celebration by Jillian Lin

Record what you know about the Chinese New Year…

I love using printables like the one below to help my students record what they know.   Some answers are factual and may require a bit of research into the traditions of the Chinese New Year.  A book or two from the book list above should provide plenty of knowledge and inspiration!

Just as many of the answers require only your student’s opinions. Asking student’s to consider their own opinions and preferences regarding new ideas is a way to get them to slow down and be more thoughtful about what they’re seeing!

Chinese New Year printables for kids

Color your own Chinese dragon…

The dragon is a popular symbol in the Chinese New Year celebration.  Dragons are believed to bring good luck to people. They also symbolize wisdom, power, and wealth.

Dragon dances can often be seen as part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year.  How the dragon is constructed and the type of dance done can vary according to geography and local culture.

The dragon below is inspired by the Chinese dragons of the Chinese New Year.  You can find it in PDF form for free in my Resource Library.

Chinese New Year dragon coloring page for kids

Want to grab these free Chinese New Year printables for kids…

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Chinese New Year resources for kids

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