The Best YouTube Art Channels for Kids

Art Appreciation, Drawing, For Teachers, Resources & Supplies June 4, 2018

YouTube for art? You bet!  My own kids have introduced me to the wonders of using YouTube to find out how to do something.  Art is no different.  Check out these favorite YouTube art channels! 

Self Portraits for Kids- A Colorful Lesson in Drawing

Drawing, For Kids April 16, 2018

These self portraits for kids are a sweet and colorful introduction to what a self portrait really is.  A few guided drawing tips along with a bright, beautiful tissue paper background makes this art lesson a winner for any age.

Growth Mindset Resources -Complete Collection of Printables

For Teachers, Printable Art Prompts, Resources & Supplies April 9, 2018

Growth mindset is a buzzword in parenting and education circles these days, and with good reason.  Use this huge collection of free growth mindset resources to see what all of the buzz is about and how it can benefit your kids- and you!

Air Dry Clay- An Easy DIY Recipe

For Kids, Three Dimensions March 19, 2018

You know the ingredients your kiddos like to stockpile for making slime?  Those same ingredients can be made into an awesome, silky smooth white air dry clay.  

Fabric Printing (Permanently) with Crayons and Sandpaper

For Kids, Printmaking July 10, 2017

My kids love wearable art.  Making it is fun and telling everyone they made it themselves is even better!  This fabric printing method is especially do-able because it doesn’t require any specialty fabric paints or markers, just plain old crayons.

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