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January 28, 2018

Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets and Printable Prompts

Growth mindset has kind of become the mantra of our little homeschool and my grown up decision of starting a blog.  Growth mindset celebrates the process, the effort of learning new things, rather than the outcome.  Do we want a positive outcome?  Yes, ma’am.  But sometimes trying weird, new things, requires taking a risk, maybe even failing.

January 8, 2018

Printable Valentine Cards to Color

Here in the Midwest about February is when it begins to seem like winter will never, ever end.  Let these cute little printable Valentine cards add some color to the middle of that gloomy month!

December 7, 2017

New Years’ Printable Journal

I’m a homeschool mama to four.  To be honest I look to fit writing into our day any which way I can.  For my younger kids that sometimes comes in the form of journal pages like this free New Year’s printable.

November 19, 2017

A Printable Advent Calendar for Your Little Creative

 Christmas with kids is awesome.  Well, simultaneously awesome and exhaustingly busy.  We enjoy the days more when our expectations are not sky high.  It really is the little stuff.  This free printable advent calendar is designed to be both of those; awesome and easy. 

November 13, 2017

Growth Mindset for Kids Free Printable Book

Growth mindset for kids is kind of a buzzword in the parenting and education world right now.  Four kids and fourteen years of parenting later I don’t get as excited about those parenting buzzwords as I used to.  But this one, this one really hits home.  Whether you’re a kid, an adult, a professional, a parent the growth mindset is one of the most encouraging perspective changes out there!

November 8, 2017

Christmas Art Starters- Free Printable Sketchbook Prompts

The Christmas season is coming.  If your kids are anything like mine that means it’s a “so exciting it almost hurts” kind of season.  Use these free printable Christmas art starters as a way to decompress, a way to brainstorm for future art projects, or as a creative filler for those few empty minutes at the end of class! 

October 26, 2017

Sketchbook Prompts & Printables for the Fall Season

Sketchbook prompts are an easy way to give kids a place to start drawing.  A blank page can be overwhelming but adding to something that’s already there is so do-able.  Let these free printables be a stepping stone on the path to free form sketchbook creativity!

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