This course will will teach two different styles of fancy lettering for kids. Your kids will learn block letter and bubble letter alphabets through video demonstrations and printable resources!

Bubble letters for kids….

I’ll teach your students how to drawn an entire alphabet worth of bubble letters.

These letters start with a basic printed letter so they’re perfect for even the beginning hand writer to learn to crate their own fancy lettering font.

Twenty six printable pages illustrate each letter of a bubble letter alphabet in a step by step fashion that is easy to follow!

Block lettering for kids….

Twenty six printable pages provide step by step illustrations for creating a block letter alphabet.

This block lettering style is the perfect next step after learning to draw bubble letters. Learning block lettering incorporates a bit if perspective to give the letters dimension!

Let me teach lettering to your kids…

Five videos will allow me to show your kids exactly what is takes to create their own block and bubble letter alphabets.

I’ll walk them through both styles and share the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

The best part may be that these videos are DOWNLOADABLE. That’s right, when you purchase my “Let’s Letter” course my terms of service allow you to share both the printable and the video lessons with your won students.

Save the videos to your own device and share them with your students vie your district’s platform of choice.

These videos are perfect for distance learning because they can be done with just pencil and paper!

Lettering for kids- downloadable video lessons to walk your kids through each step

Lettering cheat sheets for your students….

In addition to the letter by letter printable tutorials I also made these one page cheat sheets for your kiddos to refer to!

When they no longer need to see every step but may still want to to occasionally refer to a finished letter- these are perfect!

Lettering for kids- one page cheat sheets for the block letter alphabet and the bubble letter alphabet

All of these lettering for kids resources are available for just $8