DO you want to teach your kids to draw...

Without needing to be an amazing artist yourself or investing in lots of expensive supplies…

DO you want to teach your students to draw?

I can’t wait to walk your students through four fun feature projects that each focus on a different drawing experience.

Students will learn skills and techniques that they will be able to apply not only in these projects but in all of their future artwork!

Best of all…. all of these projects can be completed with just pencil and paper!

Does this sound familiar?

👉 You’re teaching students near and far and that means it can be hard to know what supplies they have available.

👉Technology can be barrier to connecting with students due to the current restrictions.

👉Your students want to learn to draw but you’re not confident in your own technical abilities.

I've been in that same spot....

Planning all the lessons. Recording video lessons. Designing original printable resources. 

It’s overwhelming.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Go from being overwhelmed with lesson planning to prepared and confident!

Go from being unsure of what comes next to always being ready to jump into the next project!

Go from being cautious about your own artistic skills to confident that you CAN teach drawing!

Look, Draw, & Learn can help.....

Whether the kids you’re teaching are near or far this course will help you reach them. All four lessons include the following materials…

✅Printable lesson packs with warm up vocabulary, examples, and warm up drills. 

✅Step by step video lessons that are downloadable.  That’s right, you can share these videos with your students!

✅ Ideas for “the next step” give you and our students ideas about what come next to keep the learning going!

What's Inside the COurse....

This course consists of four featured drawing projects.  Each projects focuses on a different aspect of the drawing process and will leave your students with skills and techniques they can apply to their future artwork! 

Here’s what they’ll learn….

Learn HOw to USe a grid to guide a drawing

Printable gird drawing examples make it easy to jump right into the grid drawing process!

Students will create their own custom grid that makes creating a proportional drawing easier!

The drawing process is simplified when you your student can focus on a small portion of their drawing at a time. 

Explore contour drawings

Contour drawings are a quick and spontaneous type of drawing that can add a lot of fun and laughter to your art class.  

Students will hone their powers of observation with these drawings that require students to really look at what they’re drawing instead of worrying that their drawings are “just right” 

Learn to use one point perspective

I’ll introduce this technical skill to your students.  They’ll get to observe how it is present in great works of art, practice it step by step in printables, and create a finished work of art that uses one point perspective to create realistic depth.

Students will be able to use this process to add realism to their future artwork!

draw your own still life

First, we’ll explore still life as a theme in art through the ages.

Students will use household items to create their own household items to make a unique still life.

Then we’ll create a viewfinder that makes choosing their composition a snap before jumping into this pencil drawing.


Valued at $9.00, Included free inside Look, draw, and Learn


Traditional to Digital is a digital course that will help you use traditional resources for today’s world of distance teaching! If you’re tired of recreating the wheel while writing online lessons – this video course will give you concrete steps to use what you already have in a new way! 

VALUED AT $12.99, inlcuded in Look, Draw, & LEARN


Try look, draw, & learn for 30 days

Try Look, Draw, & Learn for 30 days. Let your kids dive into the video lessons or use them as a guide for your own teaching.

I’m so confident that you’ll be impressed with the level of instruction and learning you’ll see that I’m willing to let you try the program for 30 days. If you’re unhappy, just let me know.

HI, I'm Jodi

I’ve taught the visual arts in public schools, private schools, museum education programs, co-op programs, summer camps- you name it! I’ve even taught my own four kids as a homeschool mama for the past five years.

I’m passionate about exposing kids to the visual arts ad inspiring a love and appreciation for the creation process that will last their whole lives.
I want to use what I’ve learned over the past twenty years as a mom and a teacher to make it easy for you to inspire your own students!


👉Are my kids the right ages to benefit from Look, Draw, & Learn?

This program is designed to teach kids that are elementary to middle schooled aged. Finished products will vary, of course, but the concepts learned remain the same.

👉Do I need to be an artist myself to teach my kids to draw with this program?

Absolutely not! You do not need to have amazing artistic skill or a mass of art history knowledge in order to give your kids an amazing creative experiences. I’ll walk you through each step of instruction, providing you with prompts and encouragement that you can pass along to your students!

👉Will I need to invest in expensive art supplies for my kids to take part in this course?

We’ll be using pencil, marker, and paper- that’s about it!  No more starting a project only to find out you’re missing one key material!

👉Can I use this program to teach my entire class? 

Yes!  The printable packs are perfect for inspiring your own teaching. And videos are downloadable.  That means you may download the video to your own device and share it with ALL of your own students via whatever platform your school uses.  (Google Classroom, SeeSaw, etc.) That means you have safe, ad free instructional video lessons ready to go!

👉Will you accept a purchase order from my school?

Yes, I will be glad to accept a purchase order from your school.  Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can get the process started today!

Do you have a different question about Look, Draw, & Learn?  Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll help you figure out if this program is the right fit for you!