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June 14, 2017

Why a Starting Mom Blog Isn’t Just One More Thing To Do

Cook, wash, teach, taxi, host, clean up, aaaaand repeat.  That sequence sums up the rhythm of most of my days.  I’m a stay at home mom teaching our four kids at home.  I certainly do not need one more thing added to my “to-do” list, right?  So why in the world would I freak out and start a “mom blog?”

September 1, 2016

The Bunk Room Project

It all started with an innocent Pinterest board titled “Bunk Rooms.”  We were in the process of taking our unfinished basement and making it about 50% finished.  Thereby (good enough) for kid use.  We have a fairly large home and we use every square inch.  We love to entertain and host and our kids do the same.

The idea of a tiny corner of space devoted purely to extra beds seemed genius to me.  The bunk room is in the basement so it is as far away from my littles bedroom upstairs as possible, helpful for letting them get their sleep.  There are no beds to be deflated, rolled up, rolled under, or shoved out of sight.

And maybe best of all was it is such fun.  Anytime we can invest a little money and a lot of elbow grease and the payout is years of fun memories for our kids I am in.  Cousins, friends, even sibling sleepovers are a little more special when everyone has their own spot.

A little nook just for them to have sleepovers~ magical.

August 20, 2016

Project: Lofted Bed

“Let’s Build this Kid A Bed!”

Being number four in a family has positives and negatives.  The positives are giant and everlasting.  He has been surrounded by people that adore him since day one.  He has three big siblings to play with, protect him, and indoctrinate him into all of their shenanigans.  His parents are a bit wiser and a lot more tired so most of the small stuff slides.

The negatives, I think, are mostly inconsequential.  His naps were often on the go, nary a sleep schedule in sight.  Baby proofing the house was nil.  He never had matching sweater vests to wear to church like his big brothers did when they were his age.   (Okay, maybe that is a positive!?!)  He has his own room, which he has not slept in for years.  Who can pass up the comfort of sleeping in the same room as a big sister?  I don’t think I have bought so much as a set of sheets for the kid.  Everything in the room came from someone else being done with it.  It’s time! Let’s build this kid a bed!

August 11, 2016

Barn Quilt DIY

The kids had decided it was too hot to play outside.  So where did I go? Directly outside into the blazing afternoon sun.  It may have been hot but it was quiet.

We are nearing the end of summer.  The kids have been sloth like and uninterested in much except picking at each other.  (We may even start school a week early to help combat their boredom!  Mwhahaha.) They have succeeded in making me feel like I could lose my mind.

So instead I will paint.  When I get stressed I make.  It could be fancy food, volumes of food, paintings that make me happy.   One very cold streak last winter I freaked out and made American girl doll sleeping bags and several outfits even though dolls rarely get played with at my house.  Those tiny garments brought some order to my brain. A project with a beginning and an end and a finished product that lasts for more than 20 minutes can do wonders for a girl.   “Move over kids.  Mama’s got a project.”