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These comic book templates are an easy way to connect writing and drawing.  It’s easy to create graphic novels or simple cartoons with these six free printable blank comic book pages!

Writing can be hard….

Writing comes fairly easily to me as an adult.  But trying to teach writing to my kids is an entirely different story.  Writing is such a personal endeavor.  Whether you’re an adult or a child it takes lots of courage to put yourself out there with written words on a page.  

“Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing….”

(Do I have you all humming a certain theme song about now?!?)

So if we’re gonna fit all this writing in it’s got to be fun, right?  I have my little arsenal of ways we make writing fun at our house. Printables like these comic book templates make an awesome addition to blank books like these.  They’re kind of a sophisticated, long lasting, version of a sketchbook! We use rubber cement and paste those comic book templates right in.

My kids actually love working that way because it relieves the stress of “ruining” a page of their special book.  They work on their page and only paste it into their book once they are satisfied!

free comic book templates to print

Using comic book templates as writing prompts….

I made these comic book template printables to go along with the idea of teaching sequence in writing.  I have one child especially that is very spatially oriented.  Seeing his paper divided up into spaces allows him to work through the sequence of his story or directions.

This same child loves graphic novels.  Allowing him to write in a way that mimics the literature that he currently loves seems like a great way to inspire a love of writing.

Comic book templates as an art prompt….

As a former public school art teacher I’m always thinking of way to include the arts in our days.  Art doesn’t have to be the classic museum, hanging on the wall, look, but don’t touch kind of art that I learned about as a kid.  Showing kids that art is all around them in forms they may not even recognize, like graphic novels, is a favorite of mine.  Introducing the idea that people make their living in creative careers such as graphic design is a seed I want to plant in my little people. 

These comic book templates are a perfect introduction to the graphic arts and the art of comic books. They’re free to print and all your kiddo needs to get started is a black fine tip marker and any way to add some color.  Fine tip markers like these are great for these pages and more!

printable comic book pages

Just for fun….

One thing I’ve learned as a homeschool mama is not everything has to be a “lesson.”  Don’t ask me how long it took me to pick up on that.  I tried sooo hard to fit learning in every nook and cranny of the day that I sucked the wonder right out of it.

Let kids play and they learn along the way.  Sometimes no lesson (or meddling mom) is needed. 

If you’re kids love to draw and write don’t miss these free printable journaling pages.  Two ten page PDF’s are available for free- with elementary and college lined paper!

These pages are free- print them out and let your kids take the lead!

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free printable comic book templates for kids

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