Print a Mother’s Day agamograph, color and fold for a sweet handmade Mother’s Day gift.

What is an agamograph….

An agamograph is an art form that uses optical illusion to change the image seen in an artwork, depending on the vantage point of the viewer. Another name for an agamograph is a “lenticular.”

Agamographs are named after Yaacov Agam, the Israeli artist who created the agamograph.

These Mother's Day agmaographs are optical illusions that feature two images- a note to mom or flowers!

Agamographs just for Mother’s Day…

Who loves a homemade gift more than a mom? I made two printable agamographs just for celebrating Mother’s Day. Each agamograph consists of two images, cut into slices, and reassembled.

When viewed from one direction the scene is flowers. When viewed from the other side it’s a note for mom.

Color your printable Mother's Day agamograph before folding.

How to get started on your Mother’s Day agamograph….

Print the agamograph template either on card stock or regular copy paper. Either will work fine.

Choose your medium to add color. Crayons or markers are easy and vibrant options. Imagine that every other “slice” of the image is part of one continuous picture. Encourage your students to start by coloring just one image, every other “slice.”

Coloring everything at one time has the potential to get very confusing very quickly! Once one of the images has been colored move on to the second image. Choosing contrasting colors for each image will make them “pop” even more!

Color your printable Mother's Day agamograph before folding!

Folding your Mother’s Day agamograph….

When your Mother’s Day agamograph is completely colored you can trim any excess white paper around the edges away.

Begin folding on vertical lines in an “accordion” fashion. Crease the paper on the first fold. One the second fold reverse the direction of the fold. Continue folding back and forth until the entire paper is folded. Matching the folds up exactly with the printed lines is important to making both images pop.

Because of the folds these agamographs are strong enough to stand up on their own. They will look great propped up on a table or desk or use sticky tack to hang them on the wall!

Agamographs fold up to create one of two images- flowers or a note to Mom!

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Choose from two Mother's Day agamographs for a fun and easy Mother's Day craft.

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