The flowers, the bones, the clouds- all of Georgia O’Keefe’s artwork is bright and colorful and perfect for introducing another amazing woman artist to your kiddos.  Use this book list and free Georgia O’Keefe artist study printable to get started today!

Kid’s books about Georgia O’Keefe…

Georgia O’Keefe produced an amazing body of work.  These kids books will walk you through her different seasons of work but also through different periods in O’Keefe’s life.

O’Keefe lived from 1887 to 1986.  that means much of her work is still protected under copyright.  These illustrated kid’s book are a great way to access images that are hard to come by otherwise.

Some of the following books are illustrated in a “style similar to O’Keefe’s” rather than being filled with images produced by O’Keefe.  I think this is a really fun way to immerse kids in the style and subject matter of O’Keefe’s work.

Grab one of those books, or a few, and get cozy on the couch.  The beautiful thing about learning through books like these is that you can share so much knowledge to your students with little to no research on your part.  You can learn right alongside your kids!

My Name Is Georgia: A Portrait by Jeanette Winter 

kid's books about Georgia O'Keefe

How to get this free Georgia O’Keefe artist study….

This one page printable artist study is free for my subscribers. It’s an easy way to record what you kiddos learned through the books above.  If your students are younger consider using the artist study as a conversation starter rather than writing all the answers!

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free printable artist study for kids on Georgia O'Keefe

Want to learn more about women in art….

I’ve got some great digital resources to make it fun and easy to teach about Frida Kahlo and Yayoi Kusama- two of my favorite women artists.  You’ll find display posters with facts, quotes, and a study of the themes of each artist.  Packages also include original artist posters, student printables, and art starters designed to get your kids busy making art too!

Kahlo for Kids- Digital Resource Bundle

Kusama for Kids- Digital Resource Bundle

book list and artists study for Georgia O'Keefe

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Digital Frida Kahlo resources for teaching art history to kids