time capsule ideas for kids

Recording history through writing and pictures is a great way for kids to both remember and process what is happening around them.  These printable time capsule ideas for kids are a playful take on capturing some big events!

We’re living history…

Right now, at this moment, my Facebook feed, the news, the newspaper, the television- they’re all filled with news of the pandemic that’s changed all of our lives the past few months, and may continue to to do so for an untold time.  Our kid’s lives have been turned upside down.  Every routine, every friendship, even school has most likely changed for your kids during these past few weeks.  We’re all adjusting to a new normal.

I don’t know about you but at my house it’s taken a lot of grace as well adjust to being together 24/7. We’re so blessed to be healthy and have room to spread out but, man oh man, it’s still a challenge.

Free printable time capsule ideas for kids

Why not record life’s changes with these printable time capsule ideas…

These printable pages are the beginning of a time capsule for your kids to tuck away.  Pick and choose the pages that your kiddo wants to complete and maybe even spread them over a number of days.  None of these pages mention a virus or pandemic even though that’s the big news of today.

Instead these allow your child room for what’s new in their world.  Of course there have been changes, but for them many of those changes are based in new routines and such, not discussion of the actual world news.

If your kids are like mine, too much talk of news is scary and just too much to process.  These pages give your child a place to express whatever is important to their days!

Free printable time capsule ideas for kids

Other time capsule ideas…

These printable time capsule ideas are just a part of what might make up your child’s or family’s time capsule.  Encourage your kiddos to round up any small reminders of what their days are made of right now. These tokens might include

-Photos or copies of photos

-Newpaper/magazine clippings

-Hand/paw prints




-Ticket stubs

-Anything personal to what you’re going through

How to make a time capsule…

Now you’ve collected all these great time capsule ideas!  Now it’s time to decide what to put you’re time capsule in.  This can be as simple or as involved as you choose.  Simple ways to contain your time capsule might be

-Manila envelope

-Empty and clean oatmeal container

-Shoe box

-Empty cereal box

Any of these containers can be used as is but consider making the time capsule container just as personal as what’s inside.  Start by covering up packaging with craft paper, newsprint, or old wrapping paper.  Then personalize with doodles, stickers, or copies of photos. Use current events pages from newspapers to cover your box or container. Encourage your child to choose something personal.

Imagine opening this box in ten years or fifteen years!  Include things that will help remember what right now is like!

Free printable time capsule ideas for kids

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Free printable time capsule ideas for kids

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