Twenty different versions of lined paper to print! Combine writing & drawing with this lined paper for kids that has a spot for drawing on every page!

This free printable pack of twenty sheets of lined paper to print is a fun way to provide a template for your child’s books, poems, journals, or reports.

Why combine writing and drawing…

There are tons of different versions of printable writing paper out there. As an art teacher I love integrating art into everything we do. So of course the Kitchen Table Classroom’s version of lined paper to print has to have space for illustrations!  

Drawing can be a child’s first form of written communication.  Those children that struggle with written expression or are just beginning to form words and sentences can add another layer of information by adding pictures and drawings. 

Time spent drawing enhances fine motor skills which can only benefit writing skills.

Drawing is a skill….

As kids get older and become more adept at expressing themselves through writing teachers and parents tend to require less drawing.  Drawing takes a backseat to writing in terms of forms of expression.  

Just as writing is a teachable skill; so is drawing.  Writing and drawing go hand.  A student’s drawing skills can improve through receiving instruction in technique, practice, and effort.  Use this lined paper to print as a jumping off point to combine drawing and writing!

Printable writing paper…..

If I’m dealing with a hesitant kid in art class I like starting with a printable sketchbook prompt.  (Like these free printable pages for the technology loving kid in your life.)  They get the creative juices flowing while seeming a little “easier”  and less threatening than starting from scratch.

What’s my beef with plain paper?  Neither sketching nor writing really require anything special, right?

Totally.  But…. whether you’re drawing or writing that blank page can look very, well, blank.  Scary, overwhelming, empty- you name it.  This lined paper for kids gives your kiddo a pace to start.  Start with a picture, start with a list, just start!

This printable lined paper is an easy way to encourage that writing drawing connection!

Twenty different versions of lined paper to print! Combine writing & drawing with this lined paper for kids that has a spot for drawing on every page!

Printable writing paper, take two….

Two versions of this lined paper for kids is available to print.  The first set set of lined paper to print is specifically designed for younger kids and features elementary sized writing lines.  Bigger lines with the dotted middle guide line make this printable writing paper perfect for kids just learning to write or kids that need a bit more room!  

The other set of lined paper to print is meant for older, more experienced writers.   It is college ruled but stil, of course, the spaces for drawing remain.

You can pick what works best for your kiddos abilities.  Ten different templates are available in each line style.

One of my kiddos is into making journals..  My youngest likes telling stories that he dictates, I write, and he illustrates.  My second son may not enjoy it but is currently learning about writing essays.  These printable sheets serve all of those purposes.  Best of all they are free so there is no reason to hoard them for the final copy.  Print ’em out and let them write!

Check out these comic book templates for one more way to combine writing and drawing.

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Twenty different versions of lined paper to print! Combine writing & drawing with this lined paper for kids that has a spot for drawing on every page!

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