This dandelion art for kids starts with a walk outside to collect some natural treasures and ends with some sweet and simple black and white prints!

Materials for making dandelion art….

  • Dandelions- leaves and flowers need to picked when you’re ready to use them. They don’t store well!
  • Black tempera paint- you could use any color but I love the simplicity of black & white.
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper to print on & scrap paper to cover the table
Create stunning black and white prints with this simple dandelion art idea!

Why dandelions….

I chose to using dandelions for this printmaking project because they’re everywhere! Our untreated lawn is full of these pretty little weeds. If you want to choose another flower, the process would be the same.

Finding beauty and joy in unexpected places is one of my favorite parts of creating art!

Printmaking goes natural with this dandelion art for kids!

Printmaking with dandelions…

  • Hold a flower in your hand or hold it against the table.
  • Cover your work surface and pour yourself a little black paint.
  • Apply black paint to the flower of the dandelion, brushing in the direction the petals are growing.
  • Apply paint to the stem, working quickly, and erring on the side of less is more with paint.
  • Place the painted dandelion on a clean paper and place your finish paper on top. Press down using fingers to make sure all parts of the dandelion come into contact with the paper.
  • Peel the top paper off and set it aside.
  • Continue to paint and print more dandelions on the same paper, creating a composition you love!
Create stunning black and white prints with this sweet dandelion art idea!

More art ideas natural materials….

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Dandelion art for kids is a snap with these sweet black and white prints!

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