Use glycerin to preserve leaves keeps leaves colorful and flexible for science or art projects! Follow along with this super simple and fun way to create glycerin preserved leaves.

What is glycerin….

Glycerin is like a magic potion that helps leaves stay vibrant and colorful even after they’ve fallen from the trees.

Glycerin is a clear, syrupy liquid that works like magic on leaves. Pure glycerin can be found in nature, and it’s often derived from plants like soybeans, coconuts, or even animal fats (yup, that’s right, animal fats). The glycerin you buy for leaf preservation is usually plant-based, so it’s all good!

Use glycerin to preserve leaves for use in a variety of fall crafts and art projects,

Where to find glycerin….

So, where can you get your hands on this leaf-saving elixir? You can find glycerin in a few places:

  1. Pharmacies: Your local drugstore might have it in the skincare section.
  2. Craft Stores: Some craft stores carry glycerin, especially if they sell flower arranging supplies.
  3. Online Retailers: Of course, places like Amazon or specialty science supply websites will have glycerin available for purchase.

When you’re buying glycerin, make sure it’s pure and not mixed with other ingredients. You want the real deal for your leaf-preservation.

How does glycerin work to preserve leaves…..

Here’s how it works: Leaves are made up of water and a special substance called chlorophyll (that’s what makes them green). When leaves start to dry out or fall, the water in them evaporates, and the chlorophyll breaks down. That’s when leaves turn all brown and crispy.

Now, enter glycerin! Glycerin is like a leaf’s best friend. When you mix glycerin with water, it does something amazing. It replaces the water in the leaves with itself.

Soak leaves in one part glycerin and two parts water for easy lead preservation!

How to use glycerin to preserve leaves…..

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Fresh leaves -sturdy leaves work best
  2. A container or vase
  3. Glycerin- 1 part
  4. Water – 2 part
  5. Knife- for the adult helpers


  1. First, make sure your leaves are clean and dry.
  2. Trim the stems of your leaves at an angle using the knife (adults, this is your job to keep it safe).
  3. Mix one part glycerin with two parts water in your container or vase.
  4. Place the leaves in the glycerin mixture.
  5. Now, wait and watch the magic happen!

Over the next few days, the glycerin will gradually replace the water in the leaves. You’ll see that the leaves will start to change color and become more flexible. It’s like they’re coming back to life!

After a few days, your preserved leaves will look pretty close to how they did when they were fresh on the tree. How cool is that?

Glycerin preserved leaves are an easy way to keep leaves flexible and colorful for fall crafts!

Glycerin is like a leaf’s spa treatment, helping them stay fresh and flexible even after they’ve fallen from the tree. It’s a neat science experiment that leaves you with colorful, flexible leaves that are perfect for display or crafting!

Glycerin preserved leaves are an easy way to keep leaves flexible and colorful for fall crafts!

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