Use these free printable New Year’s coloring pages and journal to get some of those memories down on paper. 

Prompts that inspire creative thinking and plenty of spots to doodle and draw make these New Year’s printables easy for kids to jump right into!

The New Year’s resolution….

Are you a “resolutions” person?  Do you start each year with a whirlwind of “I’m gonna, I wills, and I mights?” I’m not.

I guess I’ve always been too practical to think that a number on the calendar is really cause to get too excited.  For me resolutions happen when inspiration strikes.  Excitement and resolve are hard to order up on someone else’s  time.

As a grown up, kinda’ tired mama, however, I look for new beginning wherever I might find them!

Resolutions are fun.  It’s a good opportunity to talk about goals, both long term and short term, with your kiddo.  These New Year’s coloring pages make that fun and easy!

Psst…this Christmas journal is here for ya’ if it’s not quite New Year’s yet! 

Recording the year gone by….

As un-enthusiastic as I may be about resolutions I make up for it with my love of recording what has already happened.  A journal, a photo book, a stack of old birthday cards; those things will get me every time. While I don’t really care to save spelling tests and papers full of math facts the papers that show a snapshot of who my kid really is I will keep forever and ever.

Getting down memories and feelings into writing and drawing is a super therapeutic process for me and one I’m glad to foster in my kids.  Whether they ever learn to love bullet journaling or fancy writing makes no difference.  The idea I want to affirm with these New Year’s activities is that what happens to them matters.  The things that they hope for and are excited about are important to me too.  I am interested in both the big and little stuff of their life. 

And, hopefully, as time goes by they can look back on their writings and drawings and enjoy reminiscing about the different stages of life. 

More ways to encourage writing and drawing…

Even after New Year’s is long past I hope you encourage your kids to keep writing and drawing about life.  I’d be honored if you shared this little book I made about writing and drawing as a means of self expression for kids.  It’s a big topic but this book is simple enough for even young kids to enjoy with no pressure! 

These gratitude journal prompts are also an easy addition to everyday.  They are especially helpful if you’ve got a kiddo that really needs encouragement on seeing the bright side of life! (i do!)

The silly & the serious….

I want to look back and giggle at their predictions.  For instance the arrival of a new baby in the coming year as Miss Nine predicted is highly unlikely.  But man, if a sister could be delivered to her, how happy she would be!

I love that, although they may little, kids are so perfectly aware of who they are and what’s important to them.  And that shines through in writing about themselves and their families.  

What they love, what they’re good at, what feeds them is already there.  They came that way.

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More ways to celebrate the New Year….

If you’re in the mood to celebrate check out these free, glittery printable quotes about celebrating life.  They’re perfect for celebrating a New Year but I also share a little about how I strive to celebrate even those hard days.  You know, those “I am bone tired, I need a break, and we’re out of wine…” kind of days.  

I’m also excited to share these pretty watercolor quotes about fresh starts and new beginnings.  Like I said above, pick a day for a “new beginning!”  It doesn’t have to correspond with the calendar.  Any day that you feel inspired is the perfect day for that new beginning!

Four different printable New Year’s Eve celebration hats are ready for your kids to print, color, and wear. These are a super fun way to add a little creativity to any New year’s celebration!

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