Explore the colorful world of Romero Britto’s art. Britto’s art is like a burst of happiness on canvas- perfect for introducing to kids of all ages!

Romero Britto for kids….

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist who got his beginnings as a street artist. His paintings are so vibrant and exude happiness and an energy that I know your kids will appreciate.

Use these free printables about the life and art of Romero Britto to introduce your kids to his life and work!

Romero Britto for kids printables- quick fact sheet and a short answer page for kids to show what they learned!

Who is Romero Britto….

  • Brazilian Roots: Romero Britto, born on October 6, 1963, hails from Brazil, infusing his art with the lively spirit of his homeland.
  • Champion of Color: Renowned for his vibrant and exuberant color palette, Britto’s artwork radiates positivity and joy.
  • Street Art Origins: His artistic journey commenced as a street artist, where he honed his craft and shared his creative expression with the public.
  • Miami Transition: Later, he made Miami his home, a city that became a canvas for his continued artistic exploration.
  • Pop Art Icon: Embracing the Pop Art movement, Britto transforms ordinary objects into visually striking and lively masterpieces.
  • Global Impact: His art has achieved global recognition, resonating with people worldwide and transcending cultural boundaries.
  • Multifaceted Creator: Beyond paintings, Britto’s artistic repertoire extends to captivating sculptures and murals displayed in diverse locations.
  • Heartfelt Expressions: Similar to Jim Dine, Britto has a fondness for hearts, incorporating them into his creations as symbols of love and emotion.
  • Inspiring Creativity: Britto’s work serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists, encouraging them to explore creativity through bold colors and dynamic shapes.
  • Philanthropic Contributions: Beyond art, Britto uses his influence to support charitable causes, contributing to positive change in the world.
  • Elevation of Everyday: Finding inspiration in the simple joys of life, Britto elevates mundane objects, turning them into extraordinary pieces of art.
  • Self-Taught Success: Remarkably, Britto is largely self-taught, challenging the notion that formal art education is a prerequisite for artistic greatness.
  • Light-Hearted Aesthetic: Britto’s art maintains a lighthearted quality, emphasizing the celebration of happiness and positivity.
Romero Britto coloring page

Romero Britto coloring pages….

Choose from five different free Romero Britto for kids printables. A quick fact sheet has lots of info about Britto’s life and work in an easy to digest format. Then give your kids a place to reord what they knowand put some thought into the work of Britto with the short answer paper.

Color a portrait of Britto himself or choose from two Britto inspired coloring pages perfect for adding the bright colors and patterns that Britto is known for!

Romero Britto coloring page

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Romero Britto coloring page and quick fact sheets for learning about Romero Britto with kids

More Romero Britto resources for kids….

In addition to KTC’s printable resources be sure to take advantage of advatage of these great titles by and about Romero Britto!

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