The Foil Print- Easy Monoprints with Reusable Printing Plates

For Kids, Printmaking July 25, 2017

When you think of art supplies does aluminum foil pop right into your head?  No?  Well then, you’re pretty normal.  Knowing me and my penchant for making art from household supplies this weird foil print idea shouldn’t surprise you at all!

Elements of Art for Kids with free printable book

Elements & Principles of Art, For Teachers, Printable Art Prompts March 13, 2017

For kids learning the elements of art is kind of like learning their ABC’s.  The elements are simple little ideas, pieces that work together to make something bigger.  Teaching the elements of art for kids doesn’t need to be intimidating.

Glue Drawing with Chalk

Drawing, For Kids September 27, 2016

Almost all kids are familiar with the process of putting a pencil to paper and drawing.  But drawing over those pencil lines with glue, or maybe even skipping the pencil altogether, can get really exciting!  Glue drawing adds a third dimension to drawing with a pencil.

For Kids, Paper Arts November 25, 2017

Folded Paper Snowflakes Ornament

You guys know that art that must be done precisely is not my jam.  I’m more of a make it up as I go kind of girl.  But some things are worth being precise.  These paper snowflakes fall into that category.  You must follow a few simple directions and you get beautiful intricate amazingness.  Totally worth it.

For Kids, Paper Arts November 21, 2017

Notan Snowflakes- Cut Paper Snowflakes with a Twist

Pretty much all of us have folded up scraps of paper and made snowflake designs, right? These snowflakes go a step further and incorporate the idea of positive and negative space based on the Japanese concept of Notan.  A super small supply list, a graphic finished product, and little elemental art knowledge make this project a win!

For Teachers, Printable Art Prompts November 13, 2017

Growth Mindset for Kids Free Printable Book

Growth mindset for kids is kind of a buzzword in the parenting and education world right now.  Four kids and fourteen years of parenting later I don’t get as excited about those parenting buzzwords as I used to.  But this one, this one really hits home.  Whether you’re a kid, an adult, a professional, a parent the growth mindset is one of the most encouraging perspective changes out there!

Drawing, For Kids, Painting November 9, 2017

Paint with Markers- Pine Tree Step by Step Tutorial

I’m all for free form, creative process art. In fact most of my lessons are very open ended.   But I also believe it’s good for kids to learn some basic tools or skills that they can then use in their own art in their own way.  This pine tree tutorial includes a few simple directed drawing steps plus the fun addition of color using the super simple (and not messy) paint with markers technique.

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