I love a good paper plate craft and these paper plate purses are no exception!

Paper plate purse materials…

Obviously, you will need paper plates.  We used full size, inexpensive, un-coated paper plates.  I like the cheap plates because they accept paint better than the waxy version but use what you have!

You’ll also want a way to add color.  We used watercolor paints but other ideas would be markers, acrylic or tempera paint! Basically any way your artist is inspired to decorate that paper plate will work!

You’ll also need scissors, a stapler, and possibly a hole punch and ribbon if you want your paper plate purse to have handles!

Make a paper plate purse with this fun and easy paper plate craft.

Add color to your paper plate….

Before you start flip your paper plate upside down.  To make this crafty little purse we want to decorate the bottom of the plate as that’s what will show!

As your kids begin to create make sure they keep in mind that the plate will be folded.  That means that their entire design won’t be visible at one time.  Less than half will show at one time.

Set plates aside to dry before the next step.

Make a paper plate purse with this fun and easy paper plate craft.

Transfer the template to your painted paper plate…

The easiest way to do this is to print out the template (available in my Free Resource Library,) turn it over, and scribble on the back anywhere there are printed lines.

Then stack the template on top of the paper plate and draw over those lines.  There will be enough pencil on the back of the template to transfer onto your paper plate. These lines don’t need to be super dark- just enough that you know where to fold.

Want to get the paper plate purse template….

Before you go to print this template note that it is sized to print on larger 11 x 17 paper.  This template isn’t rocket science.  If you don’t have larger paper or a printer handy you can recreate this template yourself!

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Make a paper plate purse with this fun and easy paper plate craft.

Fold up your paper plate purse…..

Fold the edges of each side of the paper plate up toward each other on the long lines.  Think taco shape here!

The use scissors to cut on those same lines until you meet the short fold lines. Fold the resulting tabs up.

Overlap both side and the center tab.  This is what pulls the purse up and together. Use a stapler to attach all three pieces together.  Do this on each side.

Add handles….

At this point your plate is a super cute paper plate “pouch.”  If you want it to look more purse like add some handles.  Use a hole punch to punch two sets of four holes and thread ribbon of your choice through them to create handles!

Make a paper plate purse with this fun and easy paper plate craft.

More paper plate crafts….

If you like these paper plate purses I know you’ll want to see these paper plate bowls! They start with the same painted paper plates and use different cuts to create a bowl shape! These are so pretty for gifting or table decoration!

These painted paper plate mandalas start with a paper plate made colorful with oil pastels! These are a super colorful take on the traditional mandala.

Make a paper plate purse with this fun and easy paper plate craft.

I hope you loved these paper plate purses!

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