Washable markers and old fashioned paper doilies are all you need for these colorful doily prints.

Doily printmaking supplies….

-washable markers like this Crayola assortment

-paper doilies- these are easy to find during the Valentine’s Day season or round doilies like these can be found year round in the cake decorating department

-clean water

-soft paintbrush

-white paper, any size

Use washable markers on paper doilies to create these doily prints.

Add color to the paper doily….

These doilies just look like watercolor. The color here is really washable marker. Lay down some scrap paper under the doily and color away.

Colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, known as analogous colors, will blend together easily and keep colors vibrant. Check out this post for a quick lesson on color theory and a free one page color theory printable.

Use the pattern and texture of these paper doilies for an easy printmaking process.

Create the doily print…

The reason that using washable markers is important is for this step. Use a soft paintbrush to paint clean water across a white piece of paper. The paper should be just damp, no puddles of water.

Lay the colored doily color side down on the wet paper. Gently pat the doily so that it’s sure to make contact with the paper all around. The washable marker will react with the water leaving behind a lacy print.

Overlap doily prints on top of another by painting water around a doily print that’s done and lay another doily down. Do not paint water over prints that are already made. The water will activate the marker again an erase all the details.

Use doilies and washable markers for this easy printmaking process for kids.

Printmaking with doilies…

These doily prints are unpredictable. They’re colorful, they’re full of texture and pattern. These are gorgeous as is or an amazing background for more doodling or even a contour drawing.

A single doily print would make a super unique way to embellish blank notecards.

Have doilies left over? Check out this post and learn how to use doilies to create a crown or a DIY tiara.

Colorful doily prints are a result of washable markers and water!

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