Sometimes simple is best! This adorable clothespin Christmas tree craft is holiday simplicity at it’s finest!

Supplies for the clothespin Christmas tree craft…

The supply list for this holiday craft is so simple. Here’s what you’ll need….

  • patterned paper- paint your own, scrapbook paper, construction paper
  • glue- glue sticks or hot glue
  • clothespins- 1 per Christmas tree craft
  • scissors
Why not paint your own patterned paper for this clothespin Christmas tree craft!

Preparing your paper to make your Christmas tree craft….

This is a great opportunity for some creative painting. Supply some paint and small pieces of card stock, maybe 4 x 6. Let kids go wild creating patterns and textures of their choice. Or integrate printmaking by providing some simple found objects to stamp with.

If you’re painting your own designs I highly recommend painting on card stock rather than copy/ drawing weight paper. It will be sturdier and stand up better on the finished Christmas tree.

If painting is not an option you could also use scrapbook paper, construction paper, craft paper, or even up-cycle old boxes or advertisements.

Use painted paper, scrapbook paper, or even up-cycled boxes or papers to create this simple paper Christmas tree craft!

Making your Christmas tree craft….

  • Begin by cutting whatever paper you’ve chosen into strips. These don’t have to be perfectly straight or even of a uniform size. Let your little artists make their marks!
  • Put a healthy layer of glue on the flat front of a clothespin. We used glue sticks but hot glue will work too!
  • Lay one strip at a time into the glue, centering the clothespin in the middle. The paper strips are perpendicular to the clothespin.
  • As soon as the glue has had a chance to dry it’s time to snip the paper strips into a triangle “tree” shape. Make sure that the widest part, or the bottom, of the tree is the open part of the clothespin. This part of the clothespin is the widest and will make it easy to stand up!

Stand your clothespin up for display. These look adorable in a group- perfect for your holiday table or mantle!

This sweet paper Christmas tree craft is a simple way to celebrate!

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This simple clothespin Christmas tree craft is an easy Christmas craft for preschoolers or toddlers!

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