These printable Christmas ornaments to color are a simple Christmas craft with a small supply list a sweet DIY ornament as a finished product!

Supplies to make your own printable Christmas ornaments…

The supply list to make these printable Christmas ornaments is so simple. There are tons of ways you could extend the supply list and add to the lesson but here are the basics…

  • card stock to print ornaments on
  • markers, crayons, or colored pencils to add color
  • hot glue or a glue stick and a bit of patience
  • ribbon or yarn to hang colored ornament from
  • optional pom pom or bead for the top of ornament, where string attaches

Color your own Christmas ornament…

The trick to making these printable Christmas ornaments fun to color is to color them before they’re cut out. The “arms” of these ornaments are relatively narrow and could be a pain to color off and on those edges.

Instead, color while the printed ornament sheet is intact. Encourage your young artist to color on and around the ornament design. The extra paper will be cut off, leaving a filled, colored ornament.

Cutting your Christmas ornament out….

When you’re done coloring your ornament it’s time to cut it out.

The printable ornament template prints in a light grey. This isn’t an accident and you aren’t out of ink! The lines are a lighter grey so that when your colored ornament is printed they will disappear into the colored designs.

While you’re cutting your printed Christmas ornaments out go ahead and plug in your glue gun. You’ll need it for the next step of these Christmas ornaments!

Choosing glue for your printable Christmas ornament….

If your kids are old enough to trust with a glue gun , or you’re available to help, this step is easiest using hot glue. If using hot glue presents an issue you can use a glue stick for attaching the ends of the ornament and white glue for attaching the string from which it hangs. This method will require a bit of patience while glue dries- but it’s totally possible!

Assembling your DIY Christmas ornaments….

The best way to assemble these printable Christmas ornaments is to wrap the “arms” up to meet each other on top. Start with opposite arms, meet at the top, overlap, and fix with a dot of glue.

Imagine those first arms you attached were the 12:00 and 6:00 arms on a clock. Next, attach the arms in the 3:00 and 9:00 position. Work your way around the ornament, attaching opposite arms.

The reason behind attaching the two set of opposite arms is that it helps to evenly space all the parts of the printable Christmas ornament evenly.

Want to make Christmas ornaments together…

If you learn by doing follow along with the movie above. In a snap you’ll see how to assemble this printable Christmas ornament- easy!

How to hang your printable Christmas ornament….

Cut a length of ribbon or yarn that you’ll be using to hang your finished ornament. I suggest a length of six inches or so.

Grab your hot glue gun again. Put a dab of glue on the top of the ornament, where ll of the “arms” connect. Lay the ribbon or yarn in the hot glue and press down.

If you want to add a bit more embellishment, and to cover where the string is attached, glue a colorful bead or pom pom to the top of the ornament.

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