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February 12, 2018

Being Different Quotes – Quotes about Being Unique & Living Your Best Life

Ever feel a little weird around the edges?  Or maybe you’ve come to terms with your quirky self as a grown up but that can be tough to do when you’re a kid.  Especially these days when the compare/contrast game is at our fingertips all the time.  Check out these nine pretty printable being different quotes to encourage your little people (okay, and you too) to celebrate the weird little things that make them them!

January 3, 2018

Quotes about Celebration- How to Celebrate Every Day

Celebrate?  Who likes to celebrate?  We all do , right?  When life’s circumstances are just right, anyway!  These pretty, glittery quotes about celebration are here to remind you there is always something to celebrate in every single day!

Are you a celebrator…

You could call me a planner, I’m skilled at planning the fun right of an event.  You might catch me ruminating when my well laid plans don’t go as such.  They never go “as such.”  Have I mentioned I have four kids?

But it would be a struggle to call me a celebrator.  I don’t mean “celebrator” in terms of party girl, event planner, or anything so formal.  I’m talking about an internal celebration of life, just being joyful.

Do I celebrate the little stuff, the everyday stuff that makes up real life?   I try, but let’s be honest, it’s a struggle.

Why is ruminating easier than celebrating?

Life is full of little stuff….

Life with four kids (or ten or one) is not made of clean, easy moments, with sunshine streaming down from the heavens.  Don’t get me wrong.  Those moments do happen occasionally and I have to pinch myself to believe that my life is my life.  How did I get so lucky?  And at those moments there is no reason to need for pretty celebration quotes.  The party is already happening, right there in my heart.

Check out these free printable growth mindset quotes to see how I encourage myself and my kiddos to let go of those annoying perfectionist tendencies and try new things!

Use the quotes about celebration to remember to embrace each day! These free printable quotes about celebrating life are all about celebrating little victories!

Celebrating real life….

I will take those moments whenever I can get them.  When we’re in those “golden moments’ it’s easy to remember that life is pretty awesome.  But those perfect snapshot moments don’t happen enough to carry us through life.  Perfect is the exception not the rule.  

As I write this it’s January 2nd.  I’m not big on resolutions.  I’ve made very few and kept zero New Year’s resolutions in my entire life.  They are just not my thing.  But life has been making me tired, like mind numbing mental exhaustion.

On paper life is good, easy, and admittedly privileged.  It sounds whiny to say how tired and unjoyful I have felt these last few months.  But this motherhood gig is just getting the better of me in a way that’s not good for any of us.  

I need a change in framework, a new perspective, something to remember why life is mostly pretty awesome.  These celebrations are quotes are for those moments, the rough ones, when you need a reminder that life’s not so bad!

Use the quotes about celebration to remember to embrace each day! These free printable quotes about celebrating life are all about celebrating little victories!

Be encouraged….

Some days I may celebrate that we’re all alive and we get another chance to try again tomorrow.  (Which is a pretty great privilege, after all.)  But most days, even the gross, discouraging ones, have a kernel of a golden moment.  There may be beautiful seconds in a day filled with dog puke and ball jokes, but they’re there.  

Those moments are always there.

So, despite my aversion to resolutions, this is the year of celebrating the little stuff.  Every day, a clean start. Check out these quotes on fresh starts too on those days when you just need to “start over!”

Tiny celebrations for everyday….

One thing that helps me to embrace the day, good or bad, and find something to be joyful about is to include some tiny celebrations.  Now, mine are surely not the same as yours.  (If they are we are surely long lost friends!)  It’s weird but as I get older I find I get life from the smallest, weirdest things.  They bring joy, a feeling of itty bitty celebrations of the life in front of me.

So even if the day isn’t one big party I try to indulge in at least one of these small things and reset my state of mind.  

Sitting down to write or brainstorm with the perfect pen.

Showering, complete with shaved legs, washed and dried hair.  I’m fancy.

Making the perfect cup of coffee for myself.

Indulging in the middle of the day tv show and cuddling with my people on the couch.

Sitingt on my front porch.  

Make something, anything.  It might be food, pretty pictures, pretty writing.  

Go outside.  Little people are guaranteed to follow.  The chores all stay inside. 

Read a book.  My current favorite is Only Love by Rachel Macy Stafford.  It’s all about giving yourself the grace to celebrate the life in front of you. And you can read it in five minute increments which is a plus for my attention span!

What do you to to make everyday life feel a little special?

Use the quotes about celebration to remember to embrace each day! These free printable quotes about celebrating life are all about celebrating little victories!

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Use the quotes about celebration to remember to embrace each day! These free printable quotes about celebrating life are all about celebrating little victories!

What do you want to celebrate this year? Print these celebration quotes and use them in your journal, hang them on a bulletin board, your vision board, or a mirror. The go find something to celebrate!

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September 5, 2017

The Power of Play- Printable Quotes about Play

Is playtime only important to young children? At what age does playing stop being an acceptable way to learn?  Playtime doesn’t need to be relegated to the youngest of kids or be limited to a twelve minute recess after lunch.  Play counts, no matter your age.  Check out these quotes about play as a way to remind you and your tribe that play is a big deal!

August 9, 2017

Creativity Quotes- Learning to Think Outside the Box

Merriam Webster defines synonyms for creativity as cleverness, imaginativeness, giftedness, inventiveness, and originality, to name a few.  Yes, that.  That’s who I wanna be.  The antonyms of creativity are dryness and dullness.  Boo.  Who would choose that?  Use these free creativity quotes to remind you and your people not to take life too seriously, take risks, and think outside the box!

June 14, 2017

Why a Starting Mom Blog Isn’t Just One More Thing To Do

Cook, wash, teach, taxi, host, clean up, aaaaand repeat.  That sequence sums up the rhythm of most of my days.  I’m a stay at home mom teaching our four kids at home.  I certainly do not need one more thing added to my “to-do” list, right?  So why in the world would I freak out and start a “mom blog?”

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