Merriam Webster defines synonyms for creativity as cleverness, imaginativeness, giftedness, inventiveness, and originality, to name a few.  Yes, that.  That’s who I wanna be.  The antonyms of creativity are dryness and dullness.  Boo.  Who would choose that?  Use these free creativity quotes to remind you and your people not to take life too seriously, take risks, and think outside the box!

Different brands of creativity….

Creativity is not exclusive to the arts.  That’s right. Us artsy fartsy, right brained people that go around making things all the time do not have the market on creative thinking.  Weird, right?

My husband and I are complete opposites in terms of thought processes.  I used to be an art teacher.  He is a civil engineer.  That pretty much says everything you need to know.

Working together…

I like to jump into a project as its coming to fruition in my mind and see where the process takes me. Rarely do I have a finished product in my mind when I start a project.  I have an idea.  Where that idea takes me takes shape as I’m working. It makes everything a bit of an adventure.  (My process is not exactly an efficient, straight line.) 

To be honest it’s usually like I have ten to twelve ideas swirling in my head at once.  It’s sometimes an adventure and sometimes a bit of a manic race.  The results are occasionally awesome but I may or may not have a long history of abandoned projects.  In the interest of full disclosure, creative minds can be complicated.

My hubby is a planner, of projects anyway.  Years ago I thought the “thinking stage” of our house building projects would kill me.  He would sit and look, and look some more, while sharing nothing; just looking.  

“Just do it, already.”  Knock something down, build something up, slap some paint on it; anything would have seemed like progress on those days.  But that’s just not the way his special brand of engineering creativity works.

My husband is capable of jaw dropping amazingness when it comes to building things.  His projects may not be speedy but they are epic.  There is some serious creativity required in stringing together all the steps necessary to build a house or piece of furniture. 

Creative thinking changes the way we see the world and view everyday problems. Use these free creativity quotes to inspire a creative mindset in your kids!

Creative thinking isn’t just for artists…

I’m a former art teacher and a current homeschool mama.  I love art and the making of all things.  But operating under a creative mindset goes a step farther. 

 I love teaching my kids one on one because I can accommodate and even encourage creative thinking.  That is hard to do in a crowded room when you’re trying to meet the needs of twenty four different learning styles.  I’ve stood at the front of that public school classroom.  It is a challenge and I applaud those of you that are inspiring creative thinking in our youth daily.  

. Inspiring an ability to problem solve creatively is one of my biggest academic wishes for my kids.  That goes for my very logical, math loving kids as well as my free spirited, independent thinkers.  Everyone can benefit from a  creative mindset.  I hope these creativity quotes inspire you to embrace your own & your student’s unique form of creative thinking.  

A growth mindset helps grow a creative mindset….

Growth mindset states that success comes from hard work and practice and is not simply a result of natural born intelligence or talent.  Perhaps my favorite part of a growth mindset is the way t reframes failure.  Failure isn’t the end of the road.  It’s assumed that failure happens to even the best of us at some point and is part of the learning process.  Learning and effort are rewarded.

If you’re growing kids with a creative mindset you’re growing kids that are willing to take risks.  Along with risk comes failure.  Are your kids prepared to handle the occasional failure?  I hope so!  What a huge life skill- to be able to cope with trial and error, and trying again.

Check out this post on all my growth mindset resources, including; free printable sketchbook prompts, printable books, books list, and more! And if you like these creativity quotes I know you’ll love these pretty watercolor growth mindset quotes.  

Creative thinking changes the way we see the world and view everyday problems. Use these free creativity quotes to inspire a creative mindset in your kids!


How to encourage kids to keep that creative mindset….

That’s a tough one isn’t it.  There is no recipe for being a creative independent thinker.  If only it were as easy as printing out some creativity quotes and calling it a day, right?

Such is parenting, It’s way more complex than that.  I think the best and simplest way to encourage our kids to stay creative is to embrace their crazy ideas the best that real life allows.  

Follow their interests. 

Listen to their ideas as if they matter.  They do.

Encourage weirdness. 

Reward being an individual, even when following the crowd is easier. 

Leave them alone to play in utter boredom.

Allow a bit of a mess.  

Model following your dreams.

Talk about other people that have done the impossible.


Creative thinking changes the way we see the world and view everyday problems. Use these free creativity quotes to inspire a creative mindset in your kids!

Let these little creativity quotes serve as a reminder…

We’ve all got a creative thinker in there somewhere.  Recognizing that creativity comes in all kinds of packages (and speeds) and appreciating the gifts of others is a great start.  

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Creative thinking changes the way we see the world and view everyday problems. Use these free creativity quotes to inspire a creative mindset in your kids!

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