Cook, wash, teach, taxi, host, clean up, aaaaand repeat.  That sequence sums up the rhythm of most of my days.  I’m a stay at home mom teaching our four kids at home.  I certainly do not need one more thing added to my “to-do” list, right?  So why in the world would I freak out and start a “mom blog?”

I spend more than a couple of hours each week crafting examples for my blog, writing posts, and creating pretty images that Pinterest will hopefully love.  My blog is the one thing on my “list” that doesn’t really have to be done.  It’s completely optional, my choice.  Why struggle??

I used to be smart….

I jokingly tell me kids “I used to be smart.” I used to know interesting things; the Latin names for all the plants in my garden, facts about art , weird trivia.  I’m kind of joking but also kind of not.  Motherhood has taken over my brain.  Remembering to feed, clothe, protect, and educate four little bodies has taken precedence over Latin terminology.  “Mom brain” is a real, live thing.

Four babies in seven years and a husband that worked way too many hours put me into survival mode for awhile.

My youngest baby is almost seven now.  I’m no longer the mom to four little kids.  My kids are getting bigger and more interesting. Life stays busy but in a way that feels less draining than when they were all babies.

I’m gonna make it!

I still got it…..

I’m a creative person. Making stuff is a stress reliever and an energizer to my system.  So I got this weird idea that in my two free minutes each day I wanted to start a mom blog that helped other moms bring creativity into their homes whether they were homeschool moms like me, public school mamas, art teachers, or otherwise.  It feels good to share something you’re good at.

 No mom needs on more thing added to the "to-do" list, right?  So why in the world would start a "mom blog?" What's in it for you? A lot!

A finished product….

As a creative person I especially appreciate a finished product; something to show for my efforts.  My days as a mom rarely yield a job that doesn’t need to be done over again the next day. Think laundry, cooking, cleaning, teaching….  The fruit of being a mama is a little less tangible, a little more abstract.  It’s worth every second but sometimes a girl just needs a little instant gratification, ya know?

Blogging is totally that instant gratification.  Not in that I’m making tons of money or have a million followers.  But I get to see a project through from a speck of an idea to a finished article or tutorial.  My finished product remains for more then four minutes.  Win.

A reason to learn….

I love learning new things and blogging gives me a reason to do that.  Researching and brainstorming is my brains favorite thing to do.  I’m learning about coding, making graphics, marketing, and all kinds of things I never considered wanting to learn about in order to make this blogging thing work.

I love that my kids get to see me struggle with “getting” something new.  Don’t we ask our kids to take chances, risk failure, and try to improve everyday.

Playing it safe as a grownup feels a little hypocritical.

A reason to connect….

I’m a total introvert.  I like being alone or with just a couple of close friends.  Crowds are exhausting.  Just because I’m an introvert does not mean I don’t need other people.  My mom blog is the perfect way to connect with other mamas to talk about kids, education, creativity, all of our shared experiences.  I want my blog to be accessible to all kind of readers; not just artists or homeschoolers (an awesome club of people we just so happen to belong to), or teachers.  Real life is just not that compartmentalized.

And, I get to be kind of anonymous, behind the scenes, which is my favorite place.

The nitty-gritty of a mom blog ain’t so pretty….

Blogging takes time.  I wish I had a magic formula to share with you about how to fit into a day that’s already jammed full of people and things.  I do not.

I’ve tried blogging in a few minute chunks when I’m otherwise not needed.  I’ve tried asking for an hour in the morning when my kids don’t really need me.  None of these plans was less frustrating than the other. My “on call” hours pretty much run around the clock.

I’m glad to have reason to demand time to myself because I’m not good at asking for it and even worse at actually following through and taking it.  Blogging makes me take a break from my family for something I really enjoy doing.

Do it anyways….

Maybe your “thing” isn’t staring a mom blog.  Maybe you’re thing is learning a new language, starting a book club, or starting a home business.  I encourage you to jump.  Try it; see where your weird ideas lead you.

Invest the same time and care into your idea as you would if it was your child’s idea.  You would totally go “all in” for your kid’s passion.  Invest that same energy into you.  Lemme’ know how that turns out!

Go get ’em…

I  love a good inspirational quote.  I jot them everywhere, even in my planner that has nothing planned in it. Ha.

I included some sweet little printable bookmarks.  Tuck ’em in your favorite book, pin ’em to your bulletin board, or tuck one in a card to a friend.  Encourage yourself and allow yourself the same grace you give those around you.

 No mom needs on more thing added to the "to-do" list, right?  So why in the world would start a "mom blog?" What's in it for you? A lot!

Write it down….

I’m not good at fancy planners.  I’ve tried.

But I do believe there is a certain importance, or power, in writing down goals.  Once written in pen and ink or even your favorite app plans begin to seem a little more real.  I also love the idea of picking some baby steps toward your goal and jumping in.

This printable is no fancy planner.  Just a first step in choosing to move forward with something you love, whether it’s a mom blog or something else.  Write it down.

 No mom needs on more thing added to the "to-do" list, right?  So why in the world would start a "mom blog?" What's in it for you? A lot!

Big ideas can be so overwhelming when the day to day chaos of life is so big already.  Pick something you love and start.

Share what you’re good at.

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 No mom needs on more thing added to the "to-do" list, right?  So why in the world would start a "mom blog?" What's in it for you? A lot!
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