I didn’t always consider myself to be an “artist.”  Although I get great joy from making things I’ve never felt like I had reached “real artist” status.  I’m not a suffering artist or a starving artist.  My artwork doesn’t have much of an underlying societal or intellectual meaning.  But I do like making my world and the world of those around me a little more pleasant, a little more beautiful.  Let these artist quotes encourage each of you to embrace creativity in whatever form suits you!

I liked art class in grade school and high school.  I was neat and good at following directions, which was basically what it takes to succeed at “art” in the school setting.  What I love about these artist quotes is they inspire us to go beyond the following of directions; beyond the making of a “craft.”  These artist quotes are there to encourage that little spark of an artist inside of you to take a risk and make something today!

Becoming an art teacher…..

In college I stumbled around a major finally landing on art education.  I never had one particular medium I fell in love with and practiced constantly.  I made a little bit of this and that out of a little bit of everything.  While I sometimes struggled to feel like a legitimate artist in my own right I believe it made me perfectly suited to be an art teacher.

Being a “real artist…..”

Four kids later art has a different purpose in my life.  Or maybe it really doesn’t.  Maybe I just appreciate the role of creativity a little more than I used to.  Making something makes me happy, a little lighter.


The search for “just perfect….”

I like doing things well; even better is making something “just perfect.”  Being a “just perfect” artist (insert the words mother friend, wife, etc here) is darn near impossible.  I’ve tried.

It is exhausting.

If you’re a recovering perfectionist artist like I am you might enjoy these quotes about being mindful.  They really help me to appreciate where I’m at and what is happening around me!


Seriously.  Pay attention….

I really think that’s the value of art in my life.  Pay attention to the little stuff.  See beauty where it already exists and maybe even leave things a little nicer than I found them.   That is how my idea of “real art” and “real artists” has changed over the years.  Art doesn’t have to be saleable or angst filled or have an agenda to be meaningful.  It can be anything you want.

To this day I do not have a medium that is my one true love.  Usually what I make fills a need.  My art doesn’t hang on a wall.  Taking something necessary and making it more beautiful to use is my favorite.  I’m a practical artist.  Is that even a thing?

Cooking, sewing; anything mundane can be filled with creativity if you approach it in that way.  I’m a stay at home, homeschooling, blogging mama.  My days are filled to the brim with activities for others.

  Making stuff is for me. 


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