Growth mindset is kind of a buzzword lately.  I’m all in when it comes to self help or anything that will inspire me to be a better version of myself.  This idea of growth mindset for kids really struck a nerve in me because it’s something I struggle with and I see popping up in my own kids.  These growth mindset quotes are just little snippets I like to remember to keep myself looking forward!

Growth quotes inspire trying new things…

I’m not good at trying new things.  Let me rephrase that; I’m not good at trying new things in front of other people.  I love learning new things but I prefer time to process and practice them without an audience.  I hate being the center of attention and being at the center of an audience because I’m failing at something is something I try to avoid at all costs.

I’ve been reading Only Love Today by one of my favorite mom authors, Rachel Macy Stafford.  (I have given several copies of this book by the same author as a gift~ a definite fave!)

One thing I love about Only Love Today is the format.  There is a short reading each day, no dates included.  You can jump in anywhere, at any time of year.  While I used to devour stacks of books these short daily readings are sometimes all I can manage these days. 

While this is book isn’t specifically about developing a growth mindset it really speaks to me about letting go of the past and moving forward with love and positivity, towards my family and myself.

“Today matters more than yesterday.” -Rachel Macy Stafford

Improvement comes in baby steps, right?  I know who I am and I love the idea that everyday I can improve a little something each day while not beating myself up for yesterday.  Just because yesterday I was the “teacher monster” (a term coined by one of my favorite children)  doesn’t mean I can’t be a better listener today.

As moms we are needed to serve the needs of everyone around us.  In my experience trying to meet the needs of kids is not always met with gratitude and smiles.  Giving kids what they need isn’t the same as giving them what they want.  So even though we may be nailing this motherhood (or teaching) thing our kids may be still be complaining and giving us the stink eye.  

I literally have to give myself a little talking to sometimes to keep moving forward in a positive manner and not let the grumblings of any given kid get me down.  (Because it seems someone is always grumbling.)  We’re all growing and trying to find our way.  Whether you’re eight or forty it is reassuring to know we can always do a little better than yesterday.

These free watercolor growth mindset quotes for kids are a great reminder to keep trying! Growth quotes perfect for encouraging growth mindset for kids!

Growing means taking a risk…

This growth mindset idea has inspired me to put myself out there in some new ways.  Blogging is a huge risk for me.  I’m literally putting myself out in the world in writing.  There is actual written proof of all my crazy ideas. For someone who is a self professed, hard core introvert that is a scary place to be.  But I’m doing it.  And the more I do it, and stretch myself, the more I enjoy it.  

Making the decision to pull our kids from public school and homeschool them was a huge risk.  Homeschooling was a decision with the potential to affect our entire family, for better or worse.  If teaching four kids every day doesn’t require a little stretching of the grey matter I don’t know what does!  My kids and I get to learn together everyday~ how cool is that?!?

A daily practice of growth mindset for kids….

I try to incorporate a growth mindset whenever I can in our days. Once you start thinking about specifically encouraging your kid to try new things and praising their amazing effort, not necessarily the outcome, it becomes second nature.   Share growth mindset books, doodle growth mindset sketchbook pages, and write goals and fears down in this free growth mindset for kids printable book .Growth mindset for kids is an easy idea to weave throughout the day.

Life can be scary.  It’s good to know that a single mistake or failure is not the end of the story.

These free watercolor growth mindset quotes for kids are a great reminder to keep trying! Growth quotes perfect for encouraging growth mindset for kids!

Age doesn’t mean you stop growing…

Growth mindset for kids?  It’s totally not just for kids!  As I get older and more comfortable in my skin this idea of growing, trying, failing, and using that information to do better feels right.  It’s good to try new things, even things you may not immediately succeed at.  In my experience the best things in life only come that way.  

I want my kids to see me trying new things, taking risks, believing in myself!  I love the idea that what you know, what you can do, and what you’re capable of can change at anytime!  No matter your age this is exciting news, right?

Growth mindset quotes for kids…

Being a creative mind my “filing/planning system” consists of a pretty notebook jammed full of scraps of paper and post it notes.  I’ve got pages of quotes that I stumbled upon and want to remember.  Lots of these fall under the growth quotes category because this idea really speaks to me.

I’m getting better in the “planning” category though.  Check out these pretty watercolor planning sheets made for the artist in all of us.  They’ve got spots for projects, ideas, and inspiration along with the daily and weekly pages!

In hopes of sharing some of this positive growth mindset energy with you I’ve translated my post it notes into some fun growth mindset quotes for kids to inspire you and your family.  Best of all they’re free for you to use in your home or classroom!

These free watercolor growth mindset quotes for kids are a great reminder to keep trying! Growth quotes perfect for encouraging growth mindset for kids!

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Updated with even more growth mindset quotes….

A genius reader of mine, let’s call her Wende, wrote to ask if I might consider adding a printable PDF version of these growth mindset quotes with no color or decoration so kids could embellish them on their own.

 “I was wondering “IF” you might consider making some of your PDF MIND SET quotes using your fancy font without color or decorations? You have shared so many fun decorating ideas, that I thought the Mind Set quotes would make a wonderful canvas for the kids to decorate. Having the kids/parents decorating the quotes that speak to them the most, would also help reinforce the quotes by making it their own. “

This set of twelve blank quotes is available in my Resource Library in an easy to print PDF.

Use these blank growth mindset quotes and let your kids add their own mark! Color, paint, and design away!

I can’t tell you how much I love this idea! These quotes are probably my most popular post ever.  Growth mindset is a huge push right now and with good reason so I know you’ll think of ways to take these plain quotes and let kids make them their own.

Try this fun way of adding abstract color using watercolor marker. Try a different color family on each quote!

Use tissue paper to add color and interest with this fun tissue paper process art.

These free watercolor growth mindset quotes for kids are a great reminder to keep trying! Growth quotes perfect for encouraging growth mindset for kids!

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