This colorful collection of rainbow crafts for kids is all about exploring color through a variety of fun processes and media!

Easy rainbow crafts for kids….

Most of these rainbow crafts for kids use basic art supplies that you already have. All of them explore the idea of color in fun and playful way!

I know you’ll find something that your kiddo will enjoy no matter their age or skill level!

rainbow butterfly painting, rainbow mandala scratch art, rainbow chalk art

A rainbow butterfly painting….

This butterfly painting lesson is all about the concept of symmetry but it’s also a great place to do a little rainbow painting. Follow along with a free, embedded full video art lesson too! Look toward the bottom of the post!

A rainbow mandala…

This rainbow craft starts on a paper plate base with a heavy, colorful layer of oil pastel. Oil pastels are an amazing opportunity for color blending. They blend colors as smooth as paint – without the mess of paint!

Chalk and glue rainbow….

This chalk and glue method is an amazing place for exploring color mixing. The glue lines provide a bit of structure and seperation while the chalk pastels blend smoothly and stay super bright!

up-cycled color wheel, rainbow t-shirt craft, rainbow paper weaving craft

A recycled rainbow craft…

Use up-cycled magazines and newspapers to create your own rainbow color wheel. This is a great project for exploring color even when available materials are slim!

A rainbow painted t-shirt…

This rainbow craft is a painted t shirt that starts with a DIY stencil made from freezer paper. Choose a rainbow or five other shapes. This is such a fun and inexpensive way to create a custom t-shirt design.

Paper weaving rainbow art…

This introduction to paper weaving lesson s a great place to take advantage of a rainbow of colors. Use a variety of construction paper or custom painted paper!

rainbow vase, rainbow sidewalk paint, rainbow purse craft

Make a rainbow vase…

This rainbow craft starts with a paper plate that’s painted as a rainbow, of course! A few quick cuts and staples and your plate will pop right up into colorful vase perfect for gifting!

Rainbow sidewalk chalk paint…

Add a cup of water and some old paintbrushes to plain sidewalk chalk and invite the creative play to start. The sidewalk chalk becomes more vibrant and blends just like sidewalk chalk paint. This one is so FUN!

Make rainbow pouch….

Another rainbow craft that starts with a rainbow painted paper plate. These little purses, or pouches, have little handles and are so cute!

rainbow spiderweb, rainbow colored leaves, rainbow leaf print

Rainbow colored leaves…

This rainbow craft works best with leaves that have been lightly pressed. Oil pastels provide vibrant color right on a natural leaf. Rainbows and patterns make these leaves so pretty!

Rainbow spiderwebs….

Who says spiderwebs have to be spooky? These rainbow spiderwebs are translucent- perfect for sun catchers. These look great tucked into the corner of a window!

Rainbow leaf prints…

These rainbow leaf prints re made with leaf and a handful of washable markers.

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