This free printable turkey template is the perfect canvas for any colorful medium your little artists can imagine!

Print your turkey template….

This turkey template prints on two pieces of standard 8.5 x 11 copy paper. I recommend printing on lightweight copy paper and then transferring onto a heavier material such as card stock or up-cycled cardboard.

Print full size, as seen here, or adjust your printer to create smaller turkey!

Use card stock or up-cycle cardboard to create your own stand up turkey!

Supplies for decorating your turkey template….

This turkey template is pretty simple. There are just two pieces with slits that pop together allowing the finished turkey to stand up and be visible from all sides. There is no “back” of the paper in this case.

Decorating will most likely need to take place in two sessions to allow for any medium that needs it to have time to dry before flipping the template over to work on that side.

There are no rules for decorating these turkeys. I love the idea of supplying a few stations each with different materials and setting your young artists free! Encourage your kiddos to mix and match supplies, colors, and textures and enjoy the process!

Ideas for materials to embellish turkeys include…

  • paint
  • feathers
  • collage-magazines, newspapers, up-cycled art work
  • oil pastel
  • tissue paper
  • sequins
  • stickers
Add color and texture to this printable turkey template using any material your little artist can imagine!

Assembling your three dimensional turkey….

Allow plenty of time for the turkey template to dry. If a lot of moisture was used during the embellishment stage it may be helpful or necessary to flatten the template out under a stack of books for a few hours.

Make sure the “slits” in the template are still cut and separated. Insert one into the other and gently tug until they meet in the middle.

Turkeys will be standing and ready for their display! These would look gorgeous on a holiday table!

Decorate your turkey template using paint, tissue paper, feathers, or anything you can imagine!

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Printable turkey template creates the perfect three dimensional turkey Thanksgiving craft!

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Printable turkey template is the perfect canvas for any kind of medium!

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