Follow along with these step by step directions and learn how to make your own woven placemat.

Supply list for woven placemats….

The supply that will determine the look of your woven placemat is the paper you choose. In the pics below you’ll see I started with larger 12 x 18 paper, one sheet of white and one sheet of paper that was painted previously. Up-cycling old artwork is such a fun way to add color and texture to your weaving as well as cut down on the piles of past art work.

If you don’t have art work that your child is willing to donate to this project think about up-cycling old newspapers, wallpaper samples, magazine pages, etc. Whatever paper you choose you’ll want to start with two pieces of the same size for each woven placemat you’ll be making.

You’ll also need a pencil, a ruler , and scissors or a paper cutter. I have a little paper cutter like one like this that I use all. the. time.

Preparing your paper to weave…

Each of your two papers will need cut into strips. I chose one inch wide strips because they’re easy to measure and easy to work with but you could choose any width you like!

One paper should measured into strips and cut horizontally and the other measured and cut vertically. You’ll have one set of longer strips and one set of shorter strips.

More preparations for weaving…

Choose one set of paper strips, it doesn’t matter which one. Throw one away. Line the rest of the strips up as if putting them back together like a puzzle. At the top of each strip secure it to the table with a tiny piece of tape.

The strips that are taped down will become what you weave the other strips in and out of.

How to begin weaving paper strips to make a woven placemat

Let’s start weaving….

Start one strip at a time weaving under and over each of the taped down strips, in my case the white strips. Push the strips all the way to the taped edge.

When starting the next strip make sure to start in the opposite manner for the first strip. If you started under the white strips the first time, start on top with the second strip.

Click here for an introduction to weaving lesson that includes a free video tutorial!

Keep weaving the placemat….

Keep weaving the paper strips, one at a time, and wiggling them up to the top.

Make a fun homemade woven placemat from up-cycled painted papers

Secure the edges of your woven placemat…

Grab your glue stick. Before removing any tape take a few minutes and secure the loose edges of your woven placemat with glue. After working around the first three sides cut the tape off of the fourth side and do the same to that side.

Use your handmade placemat…

I think these woven placemats are so pretty. I would love to sit down at a table decorated with this personal touch.

I also love that each woven placemat takes on the personality of the paper you choose. Be creative- every placemat you make can be different!

how to make woven paper placemats

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