These DIY printable crown templates come in four shapes- plus a full color and a black and white color your own crown version!

Printable crown templates…

These DIY crowns print on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. They will be sturdiest if printed on card stock.  Add color in any way you choose.

Whatever method of color you choose to use I would definitely recommend adding color before the crown templates get cut out.  Coloring off and on a cut edge is frustrating.  Save your kiddos the trouble by breaking out the crayons, markers or watercolor paints while the printed crown template in one piece.

four different crown templates to print and color

Cut out your paper crowns….

Cut your crown templates out.  Sometime I encourage my kids to cut right on the black outline and sometimes, when the image is more intricate, I encourage the to leave a bit if a white border.  Then, after the first round of cutting is over they can decide if they’d like to go back and a little detail “trimming” or leave it as is.  Cutting details will much easier for kids when there is less bulky extra paper to work with!

Cut a strip of paper about an inch wide off the long edge of a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock. (This could even be from the top of the printed crown page.) Use Scotch tape to adhere the strip to one side of the crown.  Do a quick measure before attaching the second side so the crown is sure to fit your little person’s head!

color your own crown template

Costume prompts for creative play….

These printable crowns are a super simple prop for an afternoon of creative play. I’ve got lots more simple crafts and printable prompts that are sure to add fun to costume play!

Seven woodland animals masks are available to print in full color or black and white.

Make a different type of crown with these watercolor doily crowns- perfect a for a princess or a mermaid!

Printable unicorn headbands come in three black and white versions and three full color versions!

Six wacky sunglasses are your to decorate and model!

printable crown templates with jewels

Full color printable crown templates…

As well as the black and white crown templates I also created this full color version of crowns.  These crowns are ready to print and wear!

full color printable crown templates

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Printable crowns templates to color and wear

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