Have you heard of the “growth mindset” concept? It says that people, with practice, can do most anything they put their minds to.

A growth mindset is a way of thinking that helps kids realize they CAN do hard things but only by being brave and putting themselves out there.  

These creative projects focus on these four things...

Four complete video lessons are perfect for...

 -Watch me teach so you can feel confident teaching your young artists yourself. 

-Grab the markers and work alongside your children. Art can be a great conversation starter!

-Videos are downloadable.  You may share them with your students whether in person or digitally, which makes them perfect for sub use or distance learning.

Four printable lesson packs

Each feature projects comes with a downloadable project pack in PDF form.  

That means whether you choose to take advantage of the video lessons or not- you can still follow my step by step instructions and pictures to recreate these lessons on your own!

These lesson packs may be shared with students both in person and digitally which makes them perfect for sub plans or distance learning!

The Growing Tree uses the analogy of a tree growing up and out and asks students to use words that describe their dreams, big and little, to fill their tree. Only markers are required!

Ask your student to choose a “word of intention” for the year ahead and then create their own banner. You’ll need markers and freezer paper to create the stencils!

This “Matchbook Book” asks your students to focus on what they can’t do…YET!  Markers and scissors are all you need for this project that takes the negative sting out of those “I can’t do it moments.”

Fingerprints are unique and so are each person’s strengths and attributes. This fingerprint inspired art requires just markers and asks your students to be bold in naming their own strengths and abilities!

A growth mindset takes time

It can take time to turn a budding perfectionist into a kid with the tenacity to tackle crazy big goals.

Use these journal prompts to get your kiddo in the habit of thinking about how to give their brain the opportunity to grow every single day!

More printable growth mindset resources

Use these coloring pages and journal prompts as additions to a journal or on their own.

Twelve printable growth mindset posters

These twelve printable watercolor quotes feature sayings perfect for keeping the growth mindset at forefront of your brain!