Seven printable woodland animal masks include a bear, fox, rabbit, owl, chipmunk, raccoon, and a deer.  Each mask comes in both full color or black and white for your kiddos to color and play!

Printable animal masks…

These little woodland animals masks are perfect for inspiring pretend play or bringing together a quick costume.  Every mask comes in your choice of full color or a black and white version for your kiddo to color and make their own!

Each mask prints on standard 8.5 x 11 copy paper.  I highly recommend printing on card stock to make your animal masks a bit sturdier!

If you choose to use the black and white version of these woodland animal masks get creative with ways to add color.  Markers and crayons are a quick and easy way to add swashes of color.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with collages of magazine photos or tissue paper, sequins, fabrics, found objects, or anything your kiddos can come up with!

I suggest letting your young artists do all of the coloring before cutting the animal masks out.  An X-Acto blade will be helpful in cutting out the eye holes.  Older children may be able to handle this task with supervision but adults may want to handle this task for the younger artists!

printable bear mask template in black and white and color

The bear mask…

The printable bear mask is perfect for pretend play.  Color the black and white version of this of this bear mask to be a polar bear, black bear, or brown bear.  It can be anything your young artist can imagine!

The deer mask…

This printable deer mask is one of my favorites- those big eyes!

printable deer mask template in black and white and color

The chipmunk mask…

Who doesn’t want to dress up like a chipmunk?  This chipmunk mask template is so cute!

printable chipmunk mask template in black and white and color

The fox mask…

The printable fox mask templates are perfect for  little sneaking around pretend play!

printable fox mask template in black and white and color

Constructing your animal masks…

Each animal mask prints flat.  In order for them to become a three dimensional mask that your kiddo can wear and see out of.  When your kiddo is done adding color (or not if you printed the full color version) it’s time to pop those animal masks into a shape your kiddo can wear.  You’ll notice each mask has small circles printed on the edges.  Punch a hole here using a paper punch.  Tie a piece of ribbon or skinny elastic through each hole and tie around your kiddos head.  I like this kind of elastic because it’s not slippery like some ribbon.  It own’t slip and slide off your kiddos head!

If you don’t have elastic or ribbon leave the holes and add an additional piece of card stock to make a “headband that fits around your kiddos head!

The rabbit mask…

This free printable rabbit mask is ready to wear and play!

printable rabbit mask template in black and white and color

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The raccoon mask….

This raccoon mask is a favorite of mine because that banded raccoon raccoon mask is just so recognizable.  He truly looks like a bandit!

printable raccoon mask template in black and white and color

More free printables for pretend play and fun….

If your kiddos enjoy using printables like these animal masks to inspire their pretend play I’ve got more printables I know you’ll want to check out!

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printable masks for kids including a fox mask, bear mask, rabbit mask, and a chipmunk mask

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