Are you in the mood for some sunshine? This paper glasses craft is easy and fun and a great way to brighten any day with a little creativity and play!

Printable paper sunglasses…

Six sun glass templates are blank and ready for your kiddos to add color, pattern, flash, or anything they can imagine!

These paper glasses templates will work best printed on card stock or a heavier type paper.  (If your kiddos aren’t planning on coloring these templates try printing on this super vibrant colored card stock!)

Makers hint- add color before cutting these paper glasses out.  This will prevent a lot of frustration coloring off and on cut edges and watching them crinkle up.  Color or paint before cutting.

Cut out your paper glasses…

Cut the glasses shape out with scissors.  The interior “lens” of the paper glasses will be easiest to cut out with an X-acto knife or similar craft knife. Adults should do this step for younger kids and supervise older kids with this step.

Add embellishments…

After your paper glasses are colors and cut out now is the time to add any three dimensional embellishments. Use a hot glue gun to add feathers, buttons, sequins, or anything that inspires your young artist!

Make your paper glasses craft wearable….

So far these paper sunglasses don’t have a lot of structure. We can fix that!

Bend the “arms” of your paper glasses towards the back at a ninety degree angle. Use hot glue to attach craft sticks (Popsicle sticks) onto each arm of your glasses.  The craft sticks will extend beyond the card stock paper arm of the glasses making it long enough to reach the wearers ear and make it a bit sturdier!

Done- your paper glasses craft is ready to wear!  Ham it up and have a photo shoot!

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