list of free online art classes for kids

These free online art classes for kids are an amazing resource! Check out these amazing free opportunities for art that can be done anywhere, anytime!

Are you an artist…

You don’t have to be an artist yourself to provide your kids with quality art experiences.  A few basic supplies, a little corner of the kitchen table, and a few empty minutes are all they need!  These online art classes for kids linked below will give them a place to start, some structure, some concept, and some instruction.  Let them take it from there!

And maybe you really are an artist!  I am and I still love to see my kids sitting down to engage in these resources!  As an art teacher myself I see the value in soaking in a lesson by someone else.  I want my kids to benefit from the perspective, talent, and voice from as many different talented teachers as possible!

A free mini digital art course about turning shape into form….

This free digital class explores the difference between shape and from and will walk through some examples of both in the form of well known art pieces.

Your kids will pick up some great basic pencils skills that they will be able to apply to their own artwork!

All you need to take part in this class is pencil, paper and about 20-30 minutes!

I want to learn more about this mini drawing course for kids!

free online art classes for kids from Kitchen Table Classroom

More online art classes for kids….

Here at the Kitchen Table Classroom I’ve built up a nice collection of art lessons that have a video option embedded right in the post! That means you can create right alongside me- for free!

Learn to paint a watercolor butterfly

Make an easy crayon leaf rubbing- these look so real

How to make a book from a single piece of paper- includes two free templates

How to weave paper- learn the basics

Create three dimensional flowers from old magazines or newspapers

Make a fingerprint cactus drawing

Layering primary colored watercolor circles- an exploration in color mixing

The easiest way to draw a snowflake- fold and go

Notan heart art- explore the Japanese concept of Notan art with hearts

Woven watercolor hearts- practice watercolor techniques and basic weaving skills

Chinese Paper Lantern- includes three free printable templates

Paper heart cards- sweet DIY cards for friends

Wreath drawing lesson- easily customize to season or holiday

Make your own flower crown with coffee filter crowns

Pine tree painting- a watercolor tutorial

How to draw bubbles with washable markers

How to make plarn- plastic bag yarn

Make your own pop-up card with free templates

Water bottle weaving- a 100% recycled craft

DIY custom t-shirts with freezer paper stencils

Make your own origami house- a make and play craft

Make a symmetry name creature

Draw a field of flowers with this directed drawing lesson

This video lesson will walk your artists through not only creating their own color wheel but also other color theory vocabulary like complementary colors, arm and cool colors, analogous colors, and value.

I’ve fallen in love with making these video tutorials for you!  So check back often!  Lots of my new posts come with video and I’m always updating old projects to include a video component as well!

Is there a specific project you’d like to see a video demo on?  Let me know!

list of best YouTube art channels for kids

YouTube for online art classes for kids….

You bet!  I think YouTube gets a bad rap.  Sure, there’s plenty of content there you wouldn’t sit your kiddo down to watch.  But, I think there’s even more content on YouTube that your young artist can be inspired by and learn from!

Channels about drawing, arts and crafts, and even art history means your kiddos can have a well rounded art experience without you being an expert yourself!

I want to see more YouTube kids art channels!

list of free online drawing classes for kids

Teach your child to draw with free online art classes…

Drawing is a foundational skill, kind of a basic.  Drawing is a learned skill.  No matter the skill level your kiddo is starting at they can and will benefit from instruction and practice.

These lesson can be completed with either pencil, pen or marker.  None require expensive supplies or a high mess tolerance level.

These online drawing resources give you a place to turn when you don’t have the time or experience to be the teacher. Best of all each of the resources listed here is completely free- woohoo!

I want to see the list of free drawing classes for kids!


list of best virtual art gallery tours for kids

Virtual gallery tours….

This list isn’t necessarily online art class but it is a great online art resource! Visit seven top notch museums from the comfort of home!

I want to cuddle up and take a gallery tour!

ONline art classes for kids free resources to use anywhere

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