There are so many amazing options when it comes to choosing the best tools for drawing online or online painting for kids. It can be overwhelming.  I want to share my favorite six free websites for painting and drawing online with your kids!

Painting and drawing websites for kids…

The art making websites I’ve listed here are all just that- websites.  That means there’s no apps to download or software to install. Just click on the link and your kids can start making. And, they’re all free.  That’s an amazing amount of creative possibilities!

The first three listed are my favorite online art tools for the younger elementary crowd while the next three are my top picks for the big kids. Feel free to toggle back and forth between them.  Every art website listed here has some great features that can be enjoyed by any age!

Drawing and painting online with Tate Kids…

Tate Paint is a single feature within the Tate Kids website.  This website has quizzes, art activities, games, videos.  Oh my goodness- its pretty, efficient, and so engaging.  My ten year old keeps coming back to this browser.

Tate Paint offers a variety of canvas options, drawing and painting tools, silly stamps, and even fun sound effects. The platform looks as if it was designed for kids aged 4-10 but I’m in my forties and still found it super entertaining.

Tate Kids offers another game called “Street Art.”  This graffiti inspired online painting option starts with a brick wall and provides painting tools like spray paint, stamps, stickers, and paint rollers.

Kidmons online painting tool for kids….

You guys, Kidmons is another online painting tool that’s going to be a huge hit with your kids.  It’s meant for younger kids.  I’d say that the Kidmons sweet spot is probably between ages 3-10.

The icons are easily distinguishable which makes this paint tool easy to use, even for your pre-reader. There are eight brush choices and quite few color options which means there are just enough options to be super creative without being overwhelmed.

ABCya Paint

ABCya is one more great online painting tool to offer up to your elementary aged students. It’s got lots of fun painting and drawing tools, stamps, and colors- much like the other programs mentioned here.

One thing I love about ABCya is the ability to import a picture into the background of a drawing. This opens up some super fun possibilities with drawing on top of photos and altering them.

Top three best online painting tools for little kids

Paint online with Kleki

This is a pretty basic site but I like it for a few reasons.  There’s no log in or profile to set up.  Your students can go right to Kleki and start painting and drawing online.

The options are somewhat basic- choose from a paintbrush, a fill option, and text.  But you can also change the size, color, opacity, and blend of those features so it’s still possible to get a lot of variety.

I like that Kleki is very simple but not geared towards young kids.  Students of any age will be able to jump right into using this online painting and drawing tool without feeling like they’re being talked down to!

Online painting with is available through any browser.  While there is a paid plan available you can access the program for free. For a free program the options are amazing- 18 brushes, tons of clip art, fonts, and shapes to pick from.

While is simple enough for younger kids to paint and draw with the options are complex enough to allow older students to make anything you can imagine.  I’m not going to lie- I spent a lot of time on this site.  It’s mesmerizing.

Draw online with Google Drawings….

Since so many classroom already use Google Classrooms as a platform using Google Drawings as an online drawing tool seems like a logical step.

To get to Google Draw just go to your Google Drive, click “new,” then click the “more” button.  Select “Google Drawings” and you’ve got yourself a new online drawing document. While this tool doesn’t offer the amazing array of options some other online drawing tools do the ease of use and the way it integrates with other Google tools makes it a winner!

Google makes things so intuitive. Just like other Google documents you can add images, text, and shapes.  Choose the “scribble” option under the drawing tool and you’re ready to doodle!

Top three best online painting and drawing tools for kids


Myoats is not a stand alone painting tool.  Rather, it’s a super fun online drawing tool that allows your student to draw radially symmetrical designs.  Think of mandalas as intricate as you want- that can be drawn in a minute or two. I’ve made mandalas like this before on Procreate on my iPad but this is a great option for a free drawing tool that’s lots of fun.

More virtual fun….

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Best online painting tools and online drawing tools for kids

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