These paper flowers made from up-cycled magazine pages have a super short materials list and they are so darn pretty!  Anyone would be a glad recipient of a paper flower bouquet like this!

What do you need to make these DIY paper flowers…

You’ll need paper.  We used old magazine pages but you could also use newspapers, old artwork, really anything that is available will work for this!

You’ll need skewers to serve as flower stems.  No worries if you don’t have skewers- go grab some sticks.  We made our first batch with twigs as stems and they were super charming!

Grab scissors, a glue stick, and some masking tape as well  We used green masking tape to secure the flower to the skewer and look like greenery but any color of tape will do!

Materials to make a paper flower bouquet include magazine pages, skewers, masking tape, scissors and a glue stick.

Getting your paper ready….

No matter what paper you choose to use you’ll need long rectangular pieces to roll into the paper flower shape.  Magazine pages make the perfect shape with no measuring needed.  Find the center of your magazine and remove the staples.  This will allow the full double page spread to pop out.

Cut each double page spread in half lengthwise.  You’ll get two paper flowers from each double magazine spread.

Glue the edges….

Grab a glue stick and put a thin line of glue along the long side of your rectangle.  Fold the paper in half again lengthwise, securing the edges with glue.

Do not crease the folded edge.  Allow it to stay puffy and rounded- this edge will become the petals of your flowers!

Fold a rectangular strip of a magazine page in half, gluing the long edge

Cut petals for your paper flowers….

Grab your scissors and make a cut from the folded edge to about a half inch from the glued edge.  Continue making these cuts about 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart all the way down the folded paper.  The closer you make the cuts the “frillier” your flower will be.  It’s not incredibly important for the cuts to be precise.  Just cut and have fun!

Cut fringes into the strip of magazine paper to create flower petals

Roll up your paper flower….

Run a glue stick down the flat edge of your paper strip.  Starting at one end roll the strip around a skewer (or twig) wrapping tightly.  This isn’t a precise art either.  Just wrap and twist and squeeze.  Edges don’t need to line up perfectly here- just get that paper around!

We even had a few strips of magazine paper that broker.  We just used the glue to reattach and kept wrapping!

DIY paper flowers made from magazine pages

Tape your paper flowers…

I was lucky enough to have some green masking tape to act as my stem but I think these would look just as great with white masking tape! Start with a short piece of tape and wrap it tightly around the base of the flower- where it meets the skewer.

The glue we used a to attach the flower was really just enough adhesive to attach the paper to itself as you wrapped it around. The tape will keep the flower from popping off the end of the stem!

“Fluff” the petals up a bit will make the flowers look fuller!

White vase filled with paper flowers made from up-cycled magazine pages

A paper flower bouquet perfect for gifting….

These paper flowers are so simple to put together and they’re so pretty.  Tie a bouquet up with a ribbon or pop them into a vase or bucket and deliver to a friend! I guarantee they will be glad these flowers will last more then a few days!

Let’s make paper flowers together….

Watch the video above and we can make a paper flower bouquet together.  I’ll walk you though each step in this full video tutorial!

Easy paper flower made from up-cycled magazine pages

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