watercolor hearts

\These woven watercolor hearts are an artsy take on traditional woven Swedish hearts. Enjoy the process of watercolors and then use the printable heart template to start weaving!

Supplies for a watercolor heart weaving…

So, I’m kind of a paper snob.  I know it’s not in every budget and I always, always suggest making art with what you have.  But…even student grade watercolor paper is a huge step up and will make for a richer, less frustrating panting experience for your kiddo.

Copy weight paper tends to wrinkle and rip when soaked with watercolor paint.  If watercolor paper isn’t available try card stock.  It’s missing the texture of watercolor paper but it will hold up when wet!

You’ll also need water color paints, scissors, and a pencil.  These paints are may favorites and the ones used in the pics.

warm and cool watercolor paintings for paper weaving

Creating your watercolor paper…

Using a variety of watercolor techniques and colors ads an element of artistic interest to these woven hearts.  I started with 8.5 x 11 watercolor paper and did one mainly cool colored painting and one mostly warm colored painting. I combined the techniques of wet on wet painting, adding salt to wet paint, and using clear plastic wrap to create texture.

Details on those watercolor techniques, plus more, can be found in this post all about beginner watercolor techniques!

I love layering different processes and materials in one art project.  It always results in a more sophisticated finished product.  But if time is short these woven hearts are still worth trying with standard paper or card stock.  Experiment with different colors, textures, or maybe even up-cycle past artwork!

heart template for woven hearts

Get your printable heart template here…

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woven hearts in warm and cool watercolors

Weaving your heart…

Each template has two sides which are mirror images of each other.  Trace one of each heart and cut on the lines of the template. (Watch the video below for a super simple way to transfer those lines!)

Starting at the innermost line weave the strips of each heart in an “over under” pattern. If your kiddos are brand new to weaving check out this post on basic paper weaving skills.  Understanding the basics of weaving will save them lots of frustration and it only takes a few minutes!

Secure the edges with a dab of glue and let dry!

Watch the heart weaving video….

Choose your paper and make a heart weaving alongside me!  I’ll walk you through step by step how to use the printable template to create a woven heart!

woven watercolor hearts warm and cool colors

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