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Elements & Principles of Art

March 5, 2019

Art Books for Kids- Teach the Elements of Art Through Books

Children’s literature is my classic, go-to move for introducing new ideas to my kids; be it an art movement or a science concept.  Cuddling on the couch, reading out loud, soaking in the amazing illustrations that are available make it easy to enjoy!  Art books for kids are easy to find and some of the most fun to read!

January 30, 2019

Shape and Form- A free Digital Mini Drawing Course

The terms shape and form might seem like they are interchangeable in the world of art.  Not so.  In fact, I designed this free digital course to help your kiddos get first hand experience with identifying shape and form in art.  They’ll also get a hands on tutorial on how to turn a shape into a form through a simple pencil drawing tutorial.

January 18, 2019

Color Theory for Kids- A Free Printable Book

The elements of art are building blocks for learning to make, write, and talk about any kind of art.  Whether you’re an art teacher, a classroom teacher, or a homeschool mama starting off the elements with a little color theory is an easy and fun place to start!  

January 11, 2019

Elements of Art Definitions & Free Printable Resources

The elements of art definitions are, well, pretty basic.  Any older elementary student should be familiar with these concepts.  Most kids will know these terms even if they don’t formally recognize them as special “elements of art!”

Why are the elements of art definitions are important….

One reason I love talking about these terms that most kids already kinda’ know is it takes something that can be intimidating (talking about art) and points out the fact that they already have some tools to do it!

As kids get older and more inhibited talking about art gets scarier, especially if they haven’t grown up doing so all along.

Every piece of artwork, whether they made it or it hangs in a museum, can be talked about in terms of these seven concepts and their definitions.

Of course art isn’t that simple.  It inspires things way bigger than lines and colors.  But these are great starting points; both for talking and for making!

Elements of art definitions cheat sheet….

For those of you that may not be super familiar the elements of art definitions I’m gonna start with a little cheat sheet.  It will help you help your kiddos put these terms with their correct definitions on the elements of art free printable resources further down this post!

Introducing kids to the elements of art definitions gives a solid foundation of art vocabulary. Use these free element of art worksheets to get started!

The elements of art worksheet…

I will be the first to admit the words “art” and “worksheet” don’t generally go together.  Art is a subject that is hard to capture through worksheet type work.  But in the case of learning the definitions of the elements of art and other basic terminology then using printable resources makes perfect sense. 

The elements of art worksheet below looks a little wonky.  It’s meant to be folded up and then, I promise, it will make perfect sense.

Fold it in half, then fold it into quarters.  Open back up and fold each quarter fold back toward the center.  The names of the elements should now meet in the middle.

Introducing kids to the elements of art definitions gives a solid foundation of art vocabulary. Use these free element of art worksheets to get started!

When opened up there is space for your child to paste the elements of art definition from the second printable, write their own definition, sketch examples, or all of the above!

This is what your folded printable will look like after it’s been folded up.  I used these with my older elementary kids at our homeschool co-op class.  We are going to be making books to keep these printables as well as some of their artwork.


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Introducing kids to the elements of art definitions gives a solid foundation of art vocabulary. Use these free element of art worksheets to get started!

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The Elements Illustrated is huge bundle of digital resources to make teaching the elements of art fun and easy!


July 21, 2018

Color in Art-12 Creative Learning Activities

Teaching color in art is a basic elementary feat, right?  Learning colors is done in pre-school, kindergarten, and of course, art class.  What if we took it a step further and didn’t just teach the colors but also the color families, and how to make secondary and primary colors, and how the colors relate to one another?

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