Art class doesn’t have t be hard!  Take advantage of over 60 free printable art activities for kids to teach your kids about the elements of art, art vocabulary, art criticism, museum skills, artist biographies, and art making prompts, and more!

Teaching the elements of art through printable art activities…

The elements of art are the building blocks of making and talking about art.  If you want your kids to have some basic art skills the elements are a natural place to start!  Each of these posts features a free one age printable about that element.  They include definitions as well as spots for your kids to illustrate their understanding of the concept.

Each post also includes a book list of easily accessible children’s books that feature the element being discussed.  Pair the printable and a book and you’ve got yourself a well rounded art lesson!








printable pages about the elements of art

This elements of art printable book introduces each element of art with simple definitions, examples, and places for your young artists to demonstrate their knowledge.  This printable art book is a great introduction to the elements of art for your elementary students!

I want to see more about the elements of art printable book!

This printable art resource contains two pages.  One page contains the names of each element of art. The second page contains the definitions of each of the elements of art.  Fold the first page up and the printed definitions, or your students own hand written definitions can go inside!

See more about this fold up element of art printable activity!

printable about the elements of art and their definitions

Printable art resources about specific elements of art…

This free printable book focuses on all aspects of the element of line! This book prints in black and white on four pages and can be cut down into an eight page “mini book.”  This book teaches lots of great concepts while only requiring pencil and paper!

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I also have a free printable book all about the element of color.  Grab your colored pencils or markers and get busy exploring the element of color!

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printable book for kids about the element of line

Six printable pages of color mixing charts allow your kiddos to explore creating all kinds of color combinations.  These pages cover concepts such as value, primary colors, secondary colors, complementary colors and more!

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Teaching art concepts with printable resources….

Introduce the concept of symmetry with this printable symmetry worksheet.  This same post puts the idea of symmetry into action with an fun and easy project that requires just paper, pencil, and markers or crayons.  I teach this post in a free video lesson within the post!

I want to learn more about the symmetry printable and free video lesson!


printable worksheet for kids to teach the concept of symmetry

Introduce the easiest way to turn a flat shape into a form…one point perspective! This printable art activity gives your kids some solid vocabulary and they’ll love being able to make “real” looking forms in their own artwork!  Bonus…all they need is a ruler and a pencil!

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printable worksheets for kids to teach the concept of one point perspective

The concepts of foreground, middleground, and background within an artwork can be a complex concept to introduce to kids. Simplify it visually with this fold up printable art prompt! All you need for this printable art activity is a pencil but feel free to add in markers or colored pencils to make it your own!

I want to see more about the foreground, middleground, background printable art activity for kids!

printable to help teach the concept of foreground, middle ground, and background

Printable art making activity prompts…

Encourage your kiddos to practice their writing, drawing, and sequencing skills with these six free printable comic book page templates. Use them to create your won comic book or graphic novel!

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printable comic book templates for kids

Create a multi page book from a single piece of paper.  There are two free templates to choose from plus a free video lesson within the post so you can follow right along with me!  These DIY books are an easy way to expand on any subject your kiddo may be learning about!  This printable bookmaking activity is another great option for making art with a limited supply list!

I want to see more about how to make my own DIY book!

printable template to make a one page fold up book

Teaching art history through printable art resources….

This series is called “Writing and Talking about Art.” Each post contains a free printable artist study about that artist, an extensive book list, and additional fun printable like a word search or crossword puzzle!  There’s so much great info and many talking points within these posts I know you’ll want to check them out!

Vincent Van Gogh artist study

Mary Cassatt artist study

Henri Rousseau artist study

Claude Monet artist study

printable artist studies for kids on Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, and Henri Rousseau

Use this free printable artist biography book to do an artist study on any artist.  Record facts like birth date and place and explore that artist’s body of work, style, and more!  Kids can write and draw their own pics or search the web for pictures to print!  Use what you have for this one!

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printable artist biography book for kids to fill in about their favorite artist

Learn about great women artists with this series of free printable artist studies plus books lists of children’s books about these artists!  This series currently includes Georgia O’Keefe, Yayoi Kusama, and Frida Kahlo.

Georgia O’Keefe artist study

Frida Kahlo artist study

Yayoi Kusama artist study

artist studies of great women artist including Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, and Yayoi Kusama

Be inspired by the art of amazing women artist with this series of five free coloring sheets inspired by the art of Frida Kahlo, Mary Cassatt, Bridget Riley, Mary Blair, and Georgia O’Keefe! This post also contains some great resources for teaching about lots of other great women artists as well!

I want to see the coloring pages inspired by great women artists!

famous women artist inspired coloring pages

Learning to talk about art…

Art criticism can be a tough topic for kids.  Art is personal and criticism can hurt.  Use this free printable to teach your kids the gentle technique of the “art sandwich.”

I want to find out more about the art sandwich!

Museum skills…

These two free printable art activity pages are all about preparing your kids to get the most out of a museum visit!  That museum doesn’t have to be in person either.  Lots of museums have amazing virtual tours available. Check out the world art class museums that offer virtual tours here!

This post also has some great ideas for books about visiting a museum.  Whether your visiting in real life or virtually these books will let your kiddos know what to expect!

See more about the gallery response printable art activity resources here!

Symmetry drawing prompts…

These two pages provide a variety of designs that are only half present.  The other half is blank for them to attempt to draw a symmetrical design.

See the symmetry drawing prompts here.

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free printable art resources for kids

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