The Principles Illustrated is a giant bundle of printable posters, worksheets and a printable book that will make it easy for you to teach and learn the principles of design.

Why teach the principles of design….

The elements of art are the building blocks of an art work, or the pieces and parts an artist puts together to create their composition.  The principles of design are the way an artist chooses to use or arrange the elements of art in his or her artwork. 

The elements of art are simple to teach.  Color, line, shape, value, space, form and texture are pretty straightforward to define and witness.   But the principles of design, they are a bit harder to nail down.  The idea of how much variety or rhythm is pleasing in an artwork is a subjective judgement.  But knowing the vocabulary and the tools that are at their disposal as an artist can only benefit your young creative.

Introduce, teach, practice, and know that these complex ideas may need to be introduced a few times  before they really click.   That’s okay.  Keep talking and practicing and your kiddos will develop an understanding of these principles soon enough!

full color principles of design posters for teachersFull color principles of design posters…

These full color principles of design posters are available in two sizes.   The 8.5 by 11 size is easy to print on your standard printer and perfect as a reference page in an art notebook or journal.  The larger 18 by 24 size is perfect for a graphic display in the classroom or studio, especially when combined with the matching elements of art posters here.

black and white printable mini book to teach the principles of design to kids

Principles of design printable book….

These black and white printable pages get cut in half for a small, economical to print book.  Whether you are teaching elementary, middle school, or high school students this little book gives your students a short, to the point definition as well as a space to demonstrate the principle as well. 

Giving kids a chance to create their own examples of these design principles can be tricky.  There is no one right answer.  Using the basic elements there are a million ways to combine them to create an example of unity, or variety, or pattern.  This can frustrating for kids that like clear cut directions and a right or wrong answer.  

But making and doing is learning.  Work together or let kids work their way through this exercise alone.  Know your kids and what works best for their learning style!  

printable black and white worksheets to teach the principles of design to kids

Principles of Design vocabulary……

So you’ve worked through making your own examples of the principles of design using the printable book above.  These five printable worksheets are perfect (& easy way) to reinforce the vocabulary associated with the principles of design.  Students can use this crossword, word search, word scramble, fold up definitions, and a matching style worksheet to learn, practice, and even test their knowledge of these terms.

PLUS…8 interactive principles of design interactive Google Slides activities to harsh with your students!

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